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Fifa 2007 Women's World Cup

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Right after Korea finishes hosting the men's U-17 World Cup, China starts playing host to the best women's soccer teams in the world. Of course, it will be one for the FIFA record books, before it returns to China again for the two Olympic tournaments.

First, the teams that have qualified for China 2007 and their groupings.

Group D:

- Brazil

- China PR (host nation)

- Denmark

- New Zealand

Group C:

- Norway

- Australia

- Canada

- Ghana

Group B:

- Sweden


- Nigeria

- North Korea

Group A:

- Germany

- England

- Japan

- Argentina

Hmm... North Korea qualified for this World Cup, but South Korea didn't.

Second, a link to the official FIFA page about this upcoming tournament.

Link 1: FIFA's 2007 Women's World Cup (In English)

Link 2: FIFA's 2007 Women's World Cup (In Chinese)

Third, the venues where matches will take place.

Link 1: Chengdu

Link 2: Hangzhou

Link 3: Shanghai (which will also host Expo 2010 and the 2011 FINA World Championships)

Link 4: Tianjin

Link 5: Wuhan

Good luck to all teams in this fifth Women's World Cup and China's SECOND one!


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Just some quick facts about the Women's World Cup:

Eight teams have qualified for all five editions--Germany, Japan, United States, Nigeria, Sweden, Norway, China PR, and Brazil.

Those with four appearances are: Canada (1995, 1999, 2003, 2007), Australia (1995, 1999, 2003, 2007), and Denmark (1991, 1995, 1999, 2007).

Those with three appearances are: Korea DPR (1999, 2003, 2007), and Ghana (1999, 2003, 2007).

Making their second appearance are: Argentina (2003, 2007), England (1995, 2007), and New Zealand (1991, 2007).

There are no teams making their WWC debut.

Other nations who have qualified for the WWC are: Italy (1991, 1999), Chinese Taipei (1991), Mexico (1999), Russia (1999, 2003), France (2003), and Korea Republic (2003).

There have been more different champions after four WWC (USA 1991, 1999), Norway (1995), and Germany (2003) then there were after the first four editions of the men's, when Uruguay and Italy each won two titles.

For those digusted with the gamesmanship and unsporting behaviors exhibited by the men in WC 2006, you might find it refreshing that there was only one red card in the 32 matches of the 2003 tournament.

Fans in the USA can catch live coverage of every match on either ESPN, ESPN2, or ABC.

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The German Squad:

Goalkeepers: Nadine Angerer (FFC Turbine Potsdam), Ursula Holl (SC 07 Bad Neuenahr), Silke Rottenberg (1. FFC Frankfurt)

Defenders: Sonja Fuss, Annike Krahn (both FCR 2001 Duisburg), Saskia Bartusiak (1. FFC Frankfurt), Ariane Hingst (Djurgarden IF Stockholm), Sandra Minnert (SC 07 Bad Neuenahr), Babett Peter (FFC Turbine Potsdam), Kerstin Stegemann (SG Wattenscheid 09)

Midfielders: Kerstin Garefrekes, Renate Lingor, Petra Wimbersky (all 1. FFC Frankfurt), Fatmire Bajramaj, Simone Laudehr (both FCR 2001 Duisburg), Melanie Behringer (SC Freiburg), Linda Bresonik (SG Essen-Schönebeck)

Forwards: Birgit Prinz, Sandra Smisek (both 1. FFC Frankfurt), Anja Mittag (FFC Turbine Potsdam), Martina Müller (VfL Wolfsburg)

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It is one month to go here. With the way the men performed at home for the U-20, I am sure the Canadian women's team will do well in this upcoming tournament.

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good to see a new zealand side taking part again. They will definately struggle though and i would be happy if they can draw any of their games

New Zealand faces Team USA tomorrow in a friendly. I'll be watching that one, and the upcoming USA vs. Finland match as well.

I'm excited that the networks of ESPN are showing every game of the Women's World Cup. I got interested in Women's Soccer after Athens, and also really enjoyed my first Men's World Cup last year (Except for US's so-so performance...but that's in the past... <_<). Naturally, I'll be rooting for my home country (Go USA!), but will be following several other teams with interest as well.

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Less than a week now. Any guesses on which team will win this World Cup? Could Germany defend their title from USA 2003 or will there be another nation you think will take the trophy this time around?

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Sheesh. Gets suspended, before the tournament even begins.

Link: CBC: Canadian Soccer Coach Suspended For World Cup Opener


Evan Pellerud, seen in this 2003 photo, will miss his team's World Cup opener on Sept. 12 in Hangzhou, China.

(Robert E. Klein/Associated Press)

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Only one day left!

But it's a pity that the World Cup currently gets so little attention in the German media. The media have some reports on the preparations and expectations but you feel only a fraction of the excitement for the men's World Cup. I hope that this intensifies in the course of the tournament. I mean, our team goes to China as title holder -- and we're currently bidding for the 2011 World Cup! So a little bit more enthusiasm would be very appropriate.

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It is the eve of the Women's World Cup. As such, here are the world rankings of the women's game.

1. USA -> 2,204 points

2. Germany -> 2,148 points

3. Sweden -> 2,071 points

4. Norway -> 2,055 points

5. North Korea -> 2,052 points

6. Denmark -> 2,019 points

7. France -> 2,008 points

8. Brazil -> 2,000 points

9. Canada -> 1,962 points

10. Japan -> 1,944 points

11. CHINA -> 1,934 points

Link: The FIFA Women's World Rankings

Also, the first match of this 2007 Women's World Cup tournament tomorrow is as follows.

- Germany vs. Argentina @ Shanghai (8:00pm)

All times indicated here are in CHINA STANDARD TIME. In fact, all of China is in just one world time zone, despite its size. This translate into GMT + 8 hours. Good luck to all teams in this World Cup.

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In fact, all of China is in just one world time zone, despite its size.

Huh, strange. But I'm not surprised. All the cities that matter in China (Beijing, HKG, Shanghai, Guangzhou) and where all the decisions affecting the course of life in the country are made, are all on its eastern seaboard. So I am not surprised that the rest of the country must dance to the time of the eastern part.

It makes it easier for Beijing to track and thwart any insurgencies (i.e., Tibet) that must be timed to Beijing time. Doncha just love China?

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What a match! Germany has defeated Argentina 11-0 in the opening match. This is the highest victory in the history of the women's World Cup.

However, this is not already an omen for Germany's chances of defending its title. Argentina is obviously uncomparable to the top-class teams like the USA, Sweden, Norway or North Korea. Already the quarter-final could become extremely tough for the German team if it meets Sweden or even the USA.

Actually the biggest applause belongs to the audience which created a fantastic atmosphere. It sounded as if the German team had a home match. So both the German team and the organisers can be very satisfied after this first day of competition.

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The two races are between Korea and Sweden and Canada and Australia for the final two quarterfinal positions, even though in Group D on paper it looks like an even group, I think that Brazil and China will go through easily because of Brazil's footballing class and China being on home soil.

My hope is that Norway can thump Australia harder than they do Canada so that a tie will do for Canada against Australia to go through.

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What a wipe out in the very first match of this tournament, with the defending champions starting things off.

As Olympian2004 said, the final score was 11 to nothing, against the Argentinians, but what in the world was one of the players doing out there in the field?? :o According to the scoring list, this Vanina Correa of Argentina kicks the ball TWICE into her own team's goal for Germany! :rolleyes: Is she playing for Argentina or for Germany here?? <_< I guess we will never know what happened there and I hope that its team ranking doesn't suffer too much from its current 29th place now.

Anyway, both Birgit Prinz and Sandra Smisek, of Germany, scored a hat trick (3 goals) each in this match. Almost like a practice session to them here.


Tomorrow, these matches will be played.

- Japan vs. England @ Shanghai (8:00pm)

- USA vs. North Korea @ Chengdu (5:00pm)

- Nigeria vs. Sweden @ Chengdu (8:00pm)

Again, all times indicated here is at China Standard Time.

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Team USA was lucky to get 2-2 draw against North Korea. Group B is really the group of death.

I know it doesn't sound fair but i really hope Sweden (or Denmark) wont survive the group stages. Only the three best European teams of the four teams DEN, NOR, SWE and GER (England doesn´t count) will qualify for the Olympics.

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