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Love, Peace, And Harmony


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Hello everyone!

I’m from Atlanta, GA (USA) and am a Winter Olympics fanatic!!!

I enjoy watching and attending Winter Olympic games. Nagano was my favorite one so far!!! <- I thought Jim Nantz did such a wonderful job on CBS. I always regret that I did not make that trip to Japan during that time. I thought it would be a bad one. However, my friends went there and absolutely loved everything!!! I traveled Korea over this summer for business and went to Yongpyong Resort. What a pleasant surprise! I absolute loved it even during the summer time. People were very friendly, and …. I would rate 5 stars plus!! There were many tourists from all over Asia at the resort (I heard that the location is very famous because of a Korean TV drama, Winter Sonata). Anyhow, I wish Pyeongchang wins the bid for 2014 so I can make the trip. I would even volunteer if they need me (free room and board?). How exciting!!!

Well, but, I also cheer for the others as well. It would be very hard to describe in any words about all of their work and energy for this race.

Thank You & Love you all, Christian

*For those who attack one another:

Please grow up! This event should be all about Love, Peace, and Harmony!!! It’s the most graceful celebration on the planet!

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I'm glad you had a great experience in PyeongChang! hopefully~ our wishes will come true on July 4!

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