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Promoting Pc 2014: Chun Lee-kyung, Four-time Gold Medalist In Women's Short-track Speed Skating


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Veteran Winter Olympic medalist to try once more to bring Korea gold

Date: June 26, 2007

Chun Lee-kyung, 31, a four-time gold medalist in women's short-track speed skating at the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics, has contributed to Korea's sports development not only by winning gold but also serving as a coach for the next-generation of short-track skating stars.

And now she is suiting up for the race to bring Korea its first Winter Olympics.

Chun is one of the eight presenters who will make the last presentation on PyeongChang's bid right before the International Olympic Committee members vote on the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Now that a little more than a week is left before the big day, she is in training hard to make her presentation flawless.

Actually, it is not her first time to do a presentation to support PyeongChang. She spoke when IOC inspectors visited the Korean city earlier this year and when she took part in the Sports Accord held in Beijing this April.

This time, she wants to stress PyeongChang's contributions to the development of winter sports through its free Dream Program, which invites teenagers from countries with little or no snow to Korean resorts to enjoy winter sports.

Chun says what makes her the most nervous is that she has to do the presentation in English. She is particularly worried about mixing words with “R” and “L” sounds.

“Although the presentation is less that three minutes, I'm extremely nervous because I could harm PyeongChang's chances if I make a language mistake.”

She has been making a seven-hour daily commute from Busan to Seoul for more than a week to train for the big day. But she says, "I don't feel tired at all and just hope I can bring good news to Korea from Guatemala City."

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