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119th Ioc General Assembly Itinerary: Pyeongchang 2014 Bid Committee


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I'm Glad PyeongChang is going last to present... that will make it more effective in creating a lasting impression! yaay!


Final presentations will be made by Sochi (Russia), Salzburg (Austria), and PyeongChang, respectively. Right after Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), delivers his welcoming address, the three candidate cities have 60 minutes each to convince IOC members that they have prepared the best Olympics imaginable.

The press pool will be given just 15 minutes to snap photos of the delegations prior to each presentation, and a 15-minute break will follow.

PyeongChang's presentation will start at 3:15 in the morning of July 5 (Korea time). The official announcement of the winner is expected to come just three hours after the Korean delegation finishes speaking, meaning Koreans will get the news as they are getting ready for work -- though many in PyeongChange may not have slept at all.

The secret electronic voting will start at 18:30 (Guatemala time), and only IOC officials are allowed in the ballot room. The allotted 90 minutes for voting will be the most breathless moment for the three delegations.

After the announcement, the winning delegation will officially sign the agreement, hold a press conference with the IOC, and later host a reception.

Below is the official schedule, based on a 24-hour clock with all times referring to Korea.

June 30

06:30 - PyeongChang promotional video clip delivery

July 1

23:30 - PyeongChang presentation rehearsal

July 3

00:00 - Bidding committee's discussion

July 4

03:00 - PyeongChang dress rehearsal

10:00 - 119th IOC General Assembly opening

July 5

03:15 - PyeongChang Presentation

06:30 - Secret ballot

08:00 - Announcement of the winner city

09:30 - Winner's signing and press conference

10:30 - Winner's reception

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More description of the plans for the Final Presentation...


Judgement Day nears for PyeongChang Winter Olympic bid

The moment that could make the eight-year-long toil worth it all is now less than 8 days away.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will decide on the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympics in its 119th IOC Session slated for July 5, at 8 a.m. in Guatemala City. With tight competition among the cities of PyeongChang of Korea, Salzburg of Austria and Sochi of Russia, no one is quite sure what the final tally will be.

Although PyeongChang scored quite well in the IOC's on-site inspection and boasted the strongest support from the locals among the three cities, according to the inspection results released early this month, everything comes down to the final vote. The electronic tally is well known for last minute upsets. The system shields the identity of the voters in order to free them from possible external pressures.

Paris, for example, was confident of victory in its bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympics until the results of the secret vote proclaimed London the winner. Similar examples can be found with many other past Olympics, all of which are keeping the PyeongChang Bid Committee tense.

Among the total 111 voting members, 102 can take part in the first vote. The excluded members will be IOC President Jacques Rogge and IOC members Lee Kun-he and Park Yong-sung from Korea; Leo Wallner from Austria; and Shmail Tarpishchev, Aleksandr Popov and Vitali Smirnov from Russia. Also since one Salzburg stadium is actually located in Germany, Germans Thomas Back and Walther Trogen also have lost their rights to vote. This, together with illness, childbirth and other personal obligations of IOC members is likely to bring the final number voting down to 92 or 93.

"Forget about all the campaigns we did in the past. Our fate will hinge on our five-day promotion activities that will take on the final five days in Guatemala City" Han Seung-soo, chairman of the PyeongChang Bid Committee said. So far one third of the votes are known to be up for grabs, complicating the last minute predictions.

The PyeongChang Committee will mobilize Korean sports and public officials, including Kim Jin-sun, governor of Gangwon-do (Province), where PyeongChang County is located; Korean Olympic Committee President Kim Jung-kil; and Korean IOC members, for personal one-to-one lobbying. Dr. Kang Youn-joong, the president of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), Dr. Choue Chung-won of the World Taekwondo Federation and the chairmen of various winter sports associations for skiing, hockey, and skating will join them later on.

The sports diplomacy of the three national leaders -- Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Austrian President Heinz Fischer -- will be the most interesting.

The final match: the presentation

The importance of the final presentation cannot be emphasized enough.

Korea's city of Daegu won the rights to host 2011 World Athletic Championships and Incheon, the 2014 Summer Asian Games earlier this year. Both cities managed to win their bids by capturing the hearts of their respective electorates at the very last minute of their presentations.

Daegu's hidden card was the provision of $100 worth of expenses and free meals for media officials and Incheon, the coverage of flight expenses and accommodation fees for participating athletes.

Unfortunately PyeongChang is not free to offer such privileges as its must abide by strict IOC rules which require bidders to stick to the official offer already submitted. Thus, PyeongChang's fate will be determined by the final 45-minute presentation.

PyeongChang has been rehearsing its final presentation "Why PyeongChang?" for the past two weeks under secrecy. PyeongChang's promotion video has been broadcasted in Euro Sports, BBC and other international media.

Other celebrities are also joining in to add more heat to PyeongChang's bid. PyeongChang's video presentation will be made with the help of foreign consultants and local talent, including Lee Chang-dong, director of the movie "Miryang" ("Secret Sunshine"), which won Jeon Do-yeon the Best Actress award in the Cannes Film Festival this year. Also, Chun Lee-Kyung a Korean skater, who dominated women's short track for much of the 1990s with four gold medals, will be one of the eight presenters for the final PyeongChang Olympics pitch.

The presentation itself will focus on the significant development of Asian winter sports under the vision of peace and reconciliation. President Roh will also give a special speech along with his two competing counterparts, President Putin and Fischer. Lee Kun-hee, an IOC member and chairman of Samsung Group, will show up as the last presenter to show that PyeongChang has the support of Korean corporations.

Fortunately, PyeongChang will be the last to make a presentation, with the vote beginning two hours later. This could give the Korean team a slight edge, but still the final presentation has a lot riding on it and needs to be picture perfect.

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