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Oldest Known Prehistoric Settlement In Korea Found On East Coast


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Just to show how culturally diverse the region of Gangwon Province is, I wanted to share this article... I thought it was very interesting to see such long history that Gangwon province had... btw, Yangyang is the region where the airport will be used under PC's bid...


A clay doll dating back to Neolithic times of about 5,570-5,480 B.C. excavated at Yangyang of Gangwon-do on Friday, June 22, 2007.

Oldest known prehistoric settlement in Korea found on east coast

The oldest known prehistoric settlement in Korea has been found on the east coast, a local historical society said Friday (June 22).

The site in Yangyang, Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province) was first discovered late last year during road construction work, the Yemek Cultural Institute said.

The Chuncheon-based archeological institute said careful excavation of the site and carbon dating of artifacts found in five dwellings showed that they were used from about 5,570-5,480 B.C. The Neolithic dwellings predate any others found so far by hundreds of years.

Of the five, two of the oldest structural remains covered 48 square meters and 53 square meters of land.

An open fire pit was discovered along with several clay dolls and earthenware. One clay doll, resembling a bear, could be the oldest artistic artifact found in the country, a Yemek researcher said.

Another house on the site was built at a later date, indicating that the area was used for some time.


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