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Absolutely No 2030 Results Has Been Ratified!

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See the original agreed plan of attack for the 2030 competition -

Exhibit A

Phase 2 - Candidate phase.

A maximum 5 page 'extended' bid brochure will be due on May 26 from all finalists. It is to include your venue plans, transport, ticketing, basic finance, environmental and legacy plans. That is all we'll really need. We'll base it on the sports competed at in Torino - PLUS you can throw in two demonstration sports! Preferably ones that don't require new venues.

And yet...

A final vote will commence as of June 3. It will be a one vote per person affair. we will have rounds until we have a majority winner. It is open slather as far as campaigning goes.

Furthermore -

I hereby declare I am running this show and no correspondence will be entered. HA!

I hereby elect Roltel as my scrutineer in chief as he has just as much time on his hands as I do.

Since neither myself or Roltel started the final vote, and NO cities submitted the required 5 page long final submissions NO final result will be ratified.

As certain 'elements' have decided to assume leadership on this competition without any welcome, they are now BARRED FOR LIFE from these competitions. Yeah, sure, I have no real authority but dammit the foot is down people!

Therefore I hereby disqualify all bid cities, cancel the entire competition and will nto stand for any feedback that is contrary to my edict!


Now, anyone want to do a World Expo bid comp?

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