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Boxing - Go Or No Go?

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Looks like boxing has Rogge as a protector:

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 15, 2007 (AFP) - International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge has backed amateur boxing's drive to clean up its act.

The sport has been dogged by controversies in recent years with arguments raging over judging and scoring standards but the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) is in the process of introducing changes to iron out the problems.

On Friday, Rogge visited the AIBA Executive Committee's meeting here and told the group's president Ching-Kuo Wu that the IOC has been impressed with the current reform drive.

``The IOC will always be by your side,'' said Rogge.

``Boxing is always an important sport, a universal sport where not a lot of investment is needed and a sport when practiced under Olympic rules, guarantees the safety of the athletes.

``We believe there is a need today to have a competition for young athletes, to perfect their skills but also to educate them of the Olympic life and life skills and it is coming together (here in boxing).

``The change in refereeing and judging rules is a very good one. It gives transparency and credibility to judging of the bout. It has not been easy. To change things is never easy but everyone is happy, the boxers like it and that's the main thing.''

The AIBA will vote on the proposed changes at the 2007 world championships to be held in Chicago in October.

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