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Harbin 2009 Winter Universiad-new Looking System

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April 10, the Design of the 24th Winter Universiade Games was unveiled in Harbin. Currently, the Logo has been registered in the State Trademark Bureau.

The logo is originated from the letter "U".The dynamic lines symbolize the moving tracks of players.Appearing like a flag fluttering with the wind,the logo manifests the passion of youth,and embodies the interaction and harmony between people and sports,also between people and nature.It presents a picture of university athletes from all over the world,guided by the Olympic spirit of "Citius,Altius,Fortius",jointly playing the theme song of 2009 Winter Universiade:"Youth,Future,Ice and snow".

The advent of winter will be big design shall carriers and market development and advocacy work platform Winter will also represent the major preparatory work has entered a new stage .



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