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The last ten SOG

Los Angeles Guy

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  • 4 months later...

My ratings (10=the best, 1=better don't wach it)

2004 Athens  5 - Too much breath holding in months up to

2000 Sydney 10 - Stellar and amzing and gone off w/o a hitch

1996 Atlanta  2 - Underwhelming

1992 Barcelona 8 - Amazing games with Beautiful opening Cer.

1988 Seoul  7 - Great games

1984 LA  9 - Turned the olympic Movement Around

1980 Moscow 3 - Scarred by boycotts

1976 Montreal 4 - Horrible Terrorist Attacks

1972 Munich  1 - Too much debt and didn't pull it off

1968 Mexico 6 - Only because of pollution and altitude

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2004 Athens  8.9..Great expectation..nothing happen

2000 Sydney 9.5..Heroes live forever

1996 Atlanta  7.3..Great expectation..great..bigger desapointment ever

1992 Barcelona 9.9..best games ever (amigos para siempre)

1988 Seoul  7 - Ok...

Ok..i havent even born when this games happened but..

1984 LA  9.4...Colorfull Summer games

1980 Moscow 8.3. Great games (except for the boycot)

1976 Montreal 7.6..Nadia...The Olympic Stadium..the rain..how i can i rank this games?

1972 Munich  9.0--Great colorfull games..(5 of september) a shame for the olympism..great stadium..

1968 Mexico 1000!!..what you were expecting..my nickname is Mexico1968?? lol  :laughlong:    :laughlong:

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2008 could upset your personal rankings here, once those Games get underway. Never mind that rumors surfaced that the IOC told BOCOG to SLOW DOWN preparations for it.
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Here's mine:

1. Sydney 2000 9.5--Aussies know how to put on a great party!

2. Los Angeles 1984 8.8--my first serious SOG memory, though marred by Soviet-led boycott, saved the movement  Colorful!

3. Athens 2004 8.4--very nice to see games come home

4.(tie) Atlanta 1996 8.2--some moments (like Michael Johnson)saves some big disappointments. Too much tacky commercialism

   Barcelona 1992 8.2--Amazing

7. Moscow 1980 6.4--very boycott marred but very fascinating to me of all of the SOG becuase of it

8. Montreal 1976 5.2--The debt, the debt that Quebec has to pay

9. Mexico City 1968 5.0--few memories, only learned about it

10. Munich 1972 4.2--reasons are obvious

6. Seoul 1988 8.0--Great effort

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