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September 15th, 2000


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The only trouble is, I think China would be the next Asian host in FIFA's eye. I think we're wasting our time with them in the meantime. Unless... the best way to make them take notice would be to go out and progress into the knockout rounds of the WC next year, and follow that up by lifting the AFC Cup as winner on our home soil.

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With China on the scene, we really don't have much chance, no matter how well we do at the next few WC. China is too much of a legitimate opportunity for FiFA to pass up. If we lost 2022 in a landslide to China - I'd completely understand. But Qatar. Three years on I'm still shocked. It makes Atlanta look positively sentimental.

I think Australia should set its sights on the women's WC. 2019 would be very doable- and could be a great international debut for the new look Stadium Australia on its 20th birthday.

Canada 2015 only uses six stadiums from Vancouver to Montreal.. So I think we could go more compact and exclude Perth/Adelaide by having it entirely within Sydney, Melbourne and SEQ:

-Sydney: Stadium Australia (opening/final)

-Sydney: SFS

-Melbourne: AAMI Park

-Melbourne: Docklands

-Brisbane: Suncorp Stadium

-Gold Coast: Robina Stadium

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Wasn't sure where else to post this, but seeing as this is the Sydney memorial thread, and this really is a tidbit that should be shared:

A history of mayhem at athletes’ villages for major sporting events



Apparently the real games at the Olympics go on after hours in the athletes’ village.

American shooter Josh Lakatos in 2012 revealed he’d broken into a vacant village house and turned it into a veritable sex den during the Sydney Olympics.

Lakatos grabbed the first-floor suite at the three-storey house for himself, but it was open slather on the rest of the place, with the male portion of the USA track and field team reportedly taking up residence.

“The next morning, swear to God, the entire women’s 4x100 relay team of some Scandinavian-looking country walks out of the house, followed by boys from our side,” he recalled.

Lakatos said he quickly realised: “I’m running a friggin’ brothel in the Olympic Village! I’ve never witnessed so much debauchery in my entire life.”


Fox Sports

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Cathy Freeman's famous Olympic bodysuit may have been found in Victoria

The moment captured the world's attention as Cathy Freeman lit the Olympic flame to open the Sydney 2000 Games, but her outfit has been missing for 14 years.

Until now, it appears.

An item of clothing, which appears to be Freeman's famous white bodysuit, was handed in to Melbourne East police station by a representative of the Melbourne Cricket Club on Monday.

"The item is believed to be an article of clothing, which is alleged to have been stolen in NSW in 2000," Inspector Ian Geddes said.

"Police are attempting to confirm the authenticity of the item and are liaising with the NSW police."

The suit has been sent away for forensic testing to confirm it is the missing suit.

The famous bodysuit worn by Freeman as she lit the Olympics flame was stolen from her dressing room after the opening ceremony in 2000.

"On that night, Cathy was soaked while standing under a waterfall after a mechanical fault delayed the lighting of the cauldron," said Australian Olympic Committee media director Mike Tancred.

"She removed the suit after the ceremony and it has not been seen since.

"What happened to the suit has been the subject of much debate over the years as it is a major part of Australia's Olympic history.

"We are hoping the item of clothing handed to the MCC Museum is authentic and the mystery is finally solved."

It's not known how the cricket club representative came into possession of the suit.

The Age

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Hard to believe she just took it off and dumped it in the changeroom! But there you go,

Sep 15 2000- most magical night of my life. I used to create my own little ceremonies in my Sydney backyard about 5 miles from the Olympic Stadium when I was a child in the seventies! Finally I got to go to a real one (AND carry the torch on Day 76).

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