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September 15th, 2000


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2. YouTube: The Sydney 2000 Presentation At Atlanta 1996

By the way, for the second link, I need some proper information to correct my description about it. Thanks.

What more did you want? I think the segment is self-explanatory. What do u want to say? Flowers? Birds? Aborigines? Lifeguards? Profile of the Sydney Opera House?

Well, how about: ... staged and produced by Ric Birch, who handled similar chores at Los Angeles 1984 and Barcelona 1992, and would go on to helm the massive Ceremonies in Sydney 4 years later... How's that?

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Pretty much aye. not alot more to add.

Stephen Page choreographed it, David Page composed the music with Christine Anu providing some of the female vocalists.

Basic concept, it was entitled *A Day in the Life of Sydney*.

Showing the Spirit people, School girls from Hanging Rock dancing with their totems - the wildflowers. bla bla bla.

Good show.

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Wow that nine years has gone bloody fast.

I remember it being great to watch in New Zealand because of the time difference so all the finals were in prime time in New Zealand. It was just a shame that we only won 4 medals

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Haha, I remember that day well. I know the games were in Sydney but had no idea they were going to be in September so July and August roles around and no Olympics. Finally I get the CBC broadcast brochure and it says September 15th at 6am. I remember getting up and watching the Opening Ceremonies and being so excited. It was just amazing and Sydney will always be my first Opening to Closing Olympics.

Ironically I started waking up at 6am for the next 6 years.

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Sydney was the first Games I really got to love venues and "study" them.

The Olympic Park masterplan at the time was great inspiration for me.

Im lucky to have worked at Sydney Olympic Park from 1990-1998.I saw it transfer from a run down abattoir to a superb Olympic venue.The atmosphere in the park and all around Sydney was something ill never forget.

Great times!

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Coming up for 9 years now since the Sydney Games. Watched my opening ceremony video the other day, was just amazing, i love it

The games were at a time when the world was more peaceful than today, and everything just seemed to work. I hope Australia get to host the 2018 World Cup as it would just be such an amazing atmosphere and experience.

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Guest hudsonbar

I used to think America could use a leader like Trudeau. Then came Obama, and now we may actually have one.

Supposedly, one of the "expletive deleteds" on the Nixon Tapes was Tricky Dick calling Trudeau something that rhymes with "mock trucker." Having lived long enough to have been told about it, he said, "I've been called worse things by better men." (Probably by Diefenbaker, Stanfield, Bourassa, Levesque, Clark, Mulroney... maybe even by Turner.)

Just once... just once... I'd like to see a Democratic President say to the media (which, of course, is dominated not by liberals but by conservatives), "So long, trained seals!"



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Well, I hope that Sydney was using some of the Olympic venues for the 2009 World Masters Games.

I think they were. I saw on the news here in New Zealand that they were using the medal dias that were used in Sydney 2000

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Don't finalise that Tally yet ...

Chinese team may be stripped of medal from 2000 Sydney Olympic Games

From correspondents in Lausanne, Switzerland

February 27, 2010

China could be stripped of their women's gymnastics team event bronze medal from the 2000 Olympic Games after one of their athletes, Dong Fangxiao, was found to be under age.

Dong claimed that she was 17 years old at the time of the Sydney Games, but the International Gymnastics Federation has discovered she was in fact just 14, well below the strict minimum age of 16.

China teammate Yang Yun, a bronze medallist in the team event as well as the uneven bars was also under investigation, but she was cleared of breaking the rules and issued with a warning.

Dong's results in Sydney have been cancelled, FIG officials said.

The International Olympic Committee will be asked to withdraw the bronze from the Chinese team, FIG president Bruno Grandi said.

“Young gymnasts cannot be manipulated," Grandi said.

"Athletes must be protected. To prevent such fraud in the future, a new licensing system has been implemented by the FIG."

Dong's case came to light at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, after she applied for accreditation as a team official when she declared her birth date as January 23, 1986, which would have made her 14 during the Sydney Olympics.

Agence France-Presse


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It is going to be interesting on three fronts:

1. How would Sydney celebrate the 10th anniversary of the city hosting the Olympic Games later this year?

2. That Chinese controversy of using "under-age" athletes in the Olympic Games in 2000.

3. How would China do in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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