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The Games of the XXIX Olympiad

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Again, like a broken record to some of us, the environment issue is going to be a sore point, given the way the issue has been highlighted in news around the world lately. Now, courtesy of this IOC conference that takes from October 25 - 27 of this year, it will be on the high point again. The conference is called the Seventh World Conference on Sport And Environment. And, yes, it will be held in Beijing.

Link: IOC: China To Host The 2007 World Conference On Sport And The Environment


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The Beijing 2008 mascots in London (host city of the 2012 Olympic Games).

At Piccadilly Circus




At Millennium Bridge With St. Paul's Cathedral In The Background



With A Taxi Driver


At Trafalgar Square



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hard to imagine, but with so many of these polluting factories and power plants shutting down.....we may actually see significantly clearer skies during the Games. quite an achievement.

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This is the final look the newly built marina should have


This is the current look of the construction works


And finally Qingdao skyline


still looks like quite a bit or work to be done

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Well, I wonder what the Hong Kong venue for the equestrian events will look like. I don't remember seeing any pictures or descriptions of it, since the Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong SAR) got the nod from BOCOG to host it.

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This news is interesting. Despite that the dialect of Mandarin is the official one of the overall Chinese language in China, only about half of all Chinese in the country can actually speak it fluently.

Link: BBC: Only Half Chinese Speak Mandarin

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Ok. :huh:

What in the world has the late Bruce Lee have to do with Beijing 2008?

Link: BBC: Forty-Part TV Show Remembers Lee


A quote from the article:

"The production is being interpreted as a way for authorities to promote Chinese culture internationally in the run-up to next year's Olympics in Beijing."

Anyone got an answer here?

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The title of this latest IOC article about Beijing 2008 says it all.

Link: IOC: Eyes Of The World Increasingly Focus On Beijing


Hein Verbruggen (at right)


IOC and BOCOG officials


IOC Coordination Commission Visit To The Bird's Nest

Link: BBC: Beijing Smog Worries IOC Bosses


On another, but sad front that could have reprecussions and I hope that it won't happen. There are rumors flying right now in my country (Canada) that it could boycott Beijing 2008 because of a Canadian being jailed for life in a Chinese jail. With Vancouver hosting 2010, I think it is a very bad move, despite on what most of us know about China's internal affairs. :(

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