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The Usoc Vote On April 14

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Elated doesn't even begin to cover my emotions.

My whole family is born and bred in Chicago so this is just... unreal. The Olympics on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Granted, it's still a long road to hoe and I'm not looking past any of the other potential Candidate Cities, but for now, I just was to bask in the excitment.

Congradulations to the Windy City. Now, if only we could do something about those damn Cubbies!

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Well, didn't I call it? I think it might even have been an 10-1 or a unanimous vote.

OK, this is how I see the road leading to 2009 ("C"hicago; vote in "C"openhagen. Good portent already!):

1. PyongChang wins 2014 in July. That weakens Tokyo's bid; but Tokyo stays in.

2. Hilary, Obama, Giuliani or Romney goes to the White House next year. All positive for a Chicago bid!!

3. earlly 2009 - US involvement in Iraq ends. Our boys and gals come home.

4. October 2009, Copenhagen - Chicago wins it in the 2nd round!!

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