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What Is It?

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Just a thought that struck me that I thought might get some good responses:

What is it, when all is said and done, that makes you all fans of the Olympics?

For me... it's a rare time where people gather together peacefully and just be the best they can be, be it on track, water, snow or ice.

And the best part is sure, big countries may do better, but there's always the small chance that the guy from Ghana or the girl from East Timor will shock the world and have a very good day.

For all it's imperfections, it truly is something special. For 16 days every two years, the world outside can just take a breath and marvel at what we as people at the peak of their athletic powers can do.

And that truly is a very nice thing.

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it´s drama

it´s fun

it´s international

it´s joy

it´s exciting

it´s heartwrecking

it´s glamour

it´s fame

just 17 days of magic

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