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Leningrad 1994?


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I checked a few M S Monaco's Olympic Almanac site and have found that they were interested in bidding for the Winter Games when they were to be held 1996.

Does this help anyone?

I do remember those Goodwill Games...They were the second to last edition...Correct?

well, the old communist appartchiks of "Leningrad" (it had already switched back to St. Petersburg then), were certainly on another planet.  The WOGs had already moved to the interim year cycle -- so how could they have been gunning for a "...1996 Winter Games"?  

Oh, now I know what you're talking about.  There was some sort of commemorative Centennial of ISU's annual World Figure Skating Championships which were, indeed started in the old czarist St. Pete in 1895; and one year before great great grandpere founded his own party in Athens one year later.  So that's the 1 Winter Games-related event I can come up with.

[similarly, that same summer, when I was in Atlanta, the FIVB, US Volleyball and ACOG held a men's mini-4 nations continent tournament (Brazil, Italy, Japan, and the US men) at the Omni to (1) also commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of volleyball; and as (2) the test event for the Omni and indoor volleyball, in anticipation of the Centennial Games the following summer.]  Worked on that event as well.

In any case, the mini-skating event in St. Pete, Russia, was about as close to WOG-dreaming as St. Pete got because there are no tall Russian mountains within a 500-mile radius of St. Pete.  So, a WOG for St. Pete, Russia, was and IS definitely out of the question.

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