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Calgary 1988


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I know this has been discussed, but do you have an official source?

I guess since it opened in 1983, it is now one of the oldest arenas in the NHL. I think only the Igloo (PIT), Joe Louis (DET), MSG (NYR), and Northlands (EDM) are older. But it seems a shame to tear down one of the city's signature buildings. If Montreal won't do it, why should Calgary?

I found the info out on Wikipedia. The Saddledome's death has to be prevented, one way or another.

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Wow, Three years, since a post was made here. Of course, most of them was made by me. :P

Anyway, it seems that a controversial study came out from NYU, via Around the Rings, that the legacy of Calgary 1988 was not good overall, in the scheme of things.


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