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Monterrey 2016

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This is not the point!!!

When you have a governnment that actively encourages its citizens to move to another country for a better life(ala, "el Presidente Vicente Foxe". el GRAN PERDADOR MEXICANO"-Great Mexican LOSER!!). perhaps its ciizens should reevaluate their priorities, on how their government spents its money!, 2 week sports parties that in the long run will have little impact on the average 'joe", or spend the money on education, health etc.?

TOKYO, ROME, MADRID, can afford to throw this party, Mexico can't!!


CHICAGO will get the USOC nod this Saturday and will go on tho win hands down in 2009!!!

MONTERREY, likley won't even bid for 2016 and if they did, won't get shortlisted!

These very nice depictions of sports facilities for Monterrey 2016 will never get past these computer images , not in our lifetimes at least!

While those arguments are "nobel", it always seems hypocritical to use them. Since in essence, the people who use them, are really saying, since there are a smaller number of people in disparity in countries such as in the U.K. & U.S. than in countries like Mexico, that they don't matter as much. When in fact, they do. So let's spend the money on "parties", cuz it's "okay". Monterrey's GDP is one of the highest in Mexico & Central America. If we were talking about one of the many really poor countries in Africa (where the poverty levels run up to 80%), I could see that point, but we're not.

Mexico's *absolute* poverty level is about 5%, the same as Turkey & Russia, countries that are also going after the Olympics. Brazil also has huge problems with poverty/favelas, but FIFA seems to be all gun-ho about giving them 2014, & most on here seem to be keen on a Rio Olympics. Even New Delhi gets thrown around here. South Africa is about 15% but are hosting the 2010 World Cup. And of course, let's not forget China, which is also about 15% (host of what is going to be the most expensive "party" in Olympic history). And considering China's huge population, those numbers are overwhelming. I seriously doubt that the Beijing Games are going to benifit by any means the livelyhood of the "average joe" either in China, but yet they're hosting. Most Chinese don't even own a car.

The only main thing really standing in the way of another Mexican Olympics, is the U.S. They'll always try to steal the show or "party" away from Mexico & Canada when the Games are due for North America. By no means was I trying to say that Monterrey was a "shoe-in" or something for 2016, you read it that way.

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