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Anybody Able To Help?

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Hiya all,

am after a couple of Ceremonies videos if anybody wants to help me out.

After Nagano 1998 Opening and Closing

And Lillehammer 1994 Opening and Closing

Particularly if anybody has LIllehammer I would really appreciate it!

Post here, or Message me if you can!



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Found some video of the ceremonies from Moscow 1980:

Part 1 of the Opening Ceremony:

Part 1

Part 2 (with bit from Closing Ceremony):

Part 2

Closing Ceremony

Moscow 1980 Closing Cermony exceprt

All, as the closing credits indicate, were taken from Soviet TV highlights but were shown on Mexican TV (note at times TV Azteca's logo) in these videos. I intially thought it was imported from Czech TV 2.

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