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Royal Canadian Mint Unveils Vancouver 2010 Coins


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Vancouver 2010 Winter Games Commemorative Coin Collection

January 26, 2007 | VANOC NEWS RELEASE

Art and coins come together in the launch of a series of commemorative coins for the 2010 Winter Games.

Beginning in February and spanning the period up until Games time, the Royal Canadian Mint will unveil an extensive Olympic and Paralympic-related coin collection. With expressive designs created by Canadian artists, these coins offer an opportunity to relive the Games for years to come.

The first modern Olympic-themed coins were struck to commemorate the 1952 Olympic Summer Games in Helsinki, Finland. Since that time, coins have been produced by the mints of the Games host countries and are an integral part of Olympic culture, history and art.

Over the next three years, 17 coins will be put into circulation encompassing the most extensive Olympic Games circulation coin program ever undertaken by a Mint: from two commemorative Lucky Loonies to 25-cent winter sport-themed coins to a unique series offering Canadians the opportunity to vote on the athletes featured in its design.

“Taking into account the subject and the sport as well as who the audience is, is integral to the designing of coins,” says commemorative coin designer Steve Hepburn of Richmond, BC. “It’s important to convey a sense of what makes that sport special or different from others, and to make it visually appealing while remaining true to the sport and its intricacies.”

Numismatic, or collector coins, are detailed works of art worth far more than their face value and are sought by collectors as commemorative treasures and gifts.

“The audience for collector coins is more specific than that for circulation coins,” says Hepburn. “When designing collector coins, there is more artistic freedom and room to be less conventional.”

Included in the limited mintage collection are sterling silver holographic coins, premium gold coins, and pure gold one-kilogram coins sure to satisfy the most ardent collector.

When designing collector coins Hepburn says “size and readability is a challenge. I worked on designs many times larger than the final product to ensure clean, crisp lines with good proportions. It’s very important to remove unnecessary details and information to make a strong-reading design at its final size.”

One of the design challenges Hepburn says is, “What looks good at 8 feet across may be a jumbled, unrecognizable mess when reduced to one inch. It’s important to involve the viewer when designing coins and to make them as interesting as possible by using perspective, angles and foreshortening.”

“I love sports,” says Hepburn. “When the Mint called, I was thrilled to be part of the project. I consider myself quite patriotic so the Olympic Games carry great importance to me. They’re always exciting and with them being in my backyard in 2010, it’ll be a year to remember. Go Canada, Go!”

Canadians can purchase the commemorative coins through the Royal Canadian Mint’s website. Circulation coins are available at RBC Financial Group and participating Petro-Canada locations. Canadians can also look for these coins in their change – the first coin, curling, will begin circulating on February 23.

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I have confidence that this set of Olympic coins will sell very well. The Canadian Mint is one of the most respectable mints in the world and it will be great for collectors to start getting their hands on them. I remembered seeing, but couldn't get my hands on, the ones made for the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics then. But, these Vancouver 2010 ones should eclipse those past ones easily. I mean, to think there is going to be colored coins in this case. I don't know if this is right, but wasn't Canada the first country in the world to have legal tendered COLORED coins?

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i haven't seen colours on a coin before... hmm... I want a couple!

Well, this is not really a new idea for Canada. I have a "Red Ribbon" Canadian quarter, legal tender, from last year. Yes, there is a red-colored ribbon on the back of the coin. I have forgotten which year it was, but I am still hunting for that Remembrance Day Canadian quarter that had a red poppy on the back. Again, the red color was used in this case. So, in my question about the Vancouver 2010 coins, I would think that it will be the first time such coins used colors like that. Therefore, the sheer novelty of having them to international collectors could be huge.

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Sorry about my previous post there. I think they are pink colored, instead of the red colored I mentioned there earlier. By the way, mr.x, do you know anyone who has that Remembrance Day coin there?

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OMG! :o

Guys, especially we Canadians here, I cannot believe how many colored and other novelty coins the Canadian Mint has made recently. Man, I got to get myself a few of them from their website. They got colored coins galore, from those for Vancouver 2010 to the likes of Canadian architectural marvels, like the Saddledome. Yes, that coin is complete with the Calgary Tower in the background, but it is not "lit" with the "Olympic flame."

Well, seeing that some of us Vancouver members here are boosting the 2010 Games in their own way, there is a colored Vancouver Canucks NHL team coin set. It is the quarter the Mint has used here. And, yes, there is another quarter that has the former Orca logo, too. Other Canadian NHL teams have their own coins as well and their respective logos are IN COLOR.

Most of all, if you guys have enough money, there are holographic ones if you know where to look. For example, for those of my ethnicity as I am Chinese, this lunar year will be the Year of the Boar (Pig). It is the last of the overall set of such coins the Mint will ever make. Right now, the collector's coin in this case has a hefty price as it is. But, there is a holographic form of it, too. If you can really afford that, that coin will cost you around CDN$500!

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^ what do you mean the former orca logo? the Canucks still have the orca.


The Canadian Mint has the 2006 & 2007 coinage in tribute to the Vancouver Canucks. They both have the current and last NHL team's logos. It is in a set.

At the crux of this topic, this is what I read at the official Canadian Mint website about the upcoming Vancouver 2010 coinage.


Collect the coins. Experience the passion.

Available starting February 23, 2007.

In three years, Canada will host the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. As anticipation builds, we're proud to introduce an exciting new coin program.

Save these keepsakes from your everyday change.

We'll release twelve 25-cent circulation coins between February 23rd and the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Each features Olympic sporting events that take place or ice-including two Paralympic events. Plus, in 2008 and 2010 we'll circulate two special Lucky Loonies along with three bronze, silver and gold medalist 25-cent circulation coins that you'll have the opportunity to vote on-sign up for our newsletter to have announcements delivered directly to you.

Find them at RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) or participating Petro-Canada locations.

Collect these incomparable Vancouver 2010 coins. You can choose individual coins that have special meaning to you, as they become available. Or you can capture the full excitement of the Olympic Winter Games with a complete set of coins.

The STERLING SILVER HOLOGRAM SERIES features Olympic winter sports and themes enhanced with a selective hologram-a gorgeous tribute to Vancouver 2010.

The GOLD COLORED SERIES in 14-karat gold celebrates Canadian culture, wildlife, and Olympic Winter Games themes with colored designs-our first gold coins ever.

The GOLD PREMIUM SERIES pays tribute to the Olympic spirit with three captivating designs-each limited to 2,500 coins worldwide.

The ONE KILOGRAM masterpieces struck in 99.99% pure silver or gold. Only 2,500 of each of the two silver will be available and only 20 will be available in each of the gold.

(From the official Royal Canadian Mint website as of this date. Copyright 2006 (should be 2007)).

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Just two more weeks to the day, before the official Canadian Mint Vancouver 2010 coins will be revealed for all to collect.

I'm suprised they aren't releasing them on Monday when the countdown clock starts ticking

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Speaking of what I have mentioned about Calgary 1988 coins, someone in eBay RIGHT NOW has just put one of theirs for sale.

The 1987 Canadian Olympic $100 gold coin.





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lol, just wondering.....can i use these coins to buy things?

Yeah, right, mr.x. :rolleyes: You are going to use a "pure gold" coin like that to buy ordinary things. <_<

As for SkiFreak's post there, that time will come, when it comes to Canada Post's turn on the Olympic bandwagon. It would be unthinkable not to have itself join with the Canadian Mint to make a set collection of anything Vancouver 2010. This is so true, when the Olympic Movement has a site available for world collectors to see Olympic memorabilia from past Olympic Games (winter and summer). Just recently, the Torino 2006 collection came on-line there.

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Someone's selling a couple Calgary '88 $20 coins on eBay:


SkiFreak, you want something better TWICE? One eBayer is selling his entire Calgary 1988 coin collection while another one is selling his entire Montreal 1976 silver coin collection.

Anyway, next week from today, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic coinage will begin to be sold to anyone who wants any of them in stages.

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