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Vancouver & Whistler Photos

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wow. there's some really nice architecture in those photos. Love the diversity of vancouver's architecture. except the "vancouver special" homes that exist outside the west end/kits. Those hulking, dark, 1970's porch fronted carbon copies. bleagh!

The 1940's homes that still exist (how few of them there are) are really nice, always liked that style.

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Yaletown Waterfront


Interesting Shot from Kistlano (I believe... You can see Burrard St. Bridge)


UBC Robson Square


Courtroom in Downtown


Robson & Burrard


Busy Stanley Park


Beautiful Shot of Burrard St. Bridge

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^ ummm....it would be better if we didn't have that kind of weather during the 2010. the transportation network practically shuts down even during a minor snowfall.

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actually, I don't mind. Just get those vancouverites who can't drive off the road, then we are fine XD. A light surface of snow would do for me though. As for shutting the SkyTrain, I'm guessing they will actually run the "ghost trains" in advance now.

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