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Super Bowl!


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Good for Peyton Manning and the Colts. The better team definitely won yesterday!

I had hoped that after the first punt return for a score that the Bears would sufficiently rattle Manning's concentration. Obviously that didn't work this time around as the Bears pretty much fell apart in the third quarter.

So if it's not the Bears I am glad the Colts got it. Now if it had been the evil Patriots, Steelers or Cowboys, I would be upset. :)

Great game. One of the better Super Bowls I have seen in awhile.

But WTF happened to the commercials? I can't think of one that was good.

And Billy Joel SUCKED with the national anthem.

Prince was good tho. B)

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Billy Joel sounded alright through my radio. I fell asleep just before half-time and missed the rest of it. Much better on the radio than it ever could be on television.

No wonder you fell asleep. :blink:

I saw it in sweet Hi-Def :P

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