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Super Bowl!


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But don't expect His Royal Purpleness to play his dirtier, more well-known hits. Even with the Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake fiasco, his Jehovah Witness beliefs does not allow him to allow that these days. So the NFL is glad they got him when he isn't the least bit threatening to the neo-Puritan sensibilities of many Americans. Man, I miss the dirty, horny, do me baby Prince...

That Kevin Federline Superbowl Nationwide ad is already coming under fire from the NRA saying it demeans the integrity of restaurant workers and image. National Restaurant Association Upset Over Super Bowl Ad

In one of the Budweiser commercials, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is being chased around in a Mad Max-like scenario called Apocolypse. In another Jay-Z and Don Shula playing football over a holographic screen. Again, AB will during the fourth quarter show their annual designated driver/anti-underage drinking/drinking responsibly PSA.

Opting for a different direction, CareerBuilder ditches those popular and funny chimps. This is set in a jungle to show how job competition is fierce.

The general public gets to submit ideas for an NFL ad. Check some out hereIdeas for NFL Superbowl ad

Toyota has bought 2 :30 slots

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God - anything will be better than that pathetic Rolling Stones show in Detroit last year. <_<

O.K. - my posting of the Super Bowl Shuffle. It has totally been taken off YouTube! Like anyone listened to that over the past 22 years! :angry:

Yea, o.k. Screw 'em:


Or, we can all sing the REAL Bears fight song together! B)


So here's a little side story to this rendition of "Bear Down, Chicago Bears."

Now all you kiddies pull up a chair while grandpa tells a story. :P

In January of 1986 I was at a concert of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and choir at Orchestra Hall, shortly after the Chicago Bears had clinched their first Super Bowl appearance and the best NFL season record of any team ever. A friend took me for my birthday.

We went to hear Rachmoninoff (sp) I believe. Anywho, the concert was done, we were all applauding and Sir Georg Solti (the conductor) announced that they had one more song. With that, he and the choir put on their little Bears hats and sang this rendition of the song.


I'm not sure if this is the actual recording from that night but it brings back great memories.

Oh tay - I'm done. B) And I just realised I went really heavy on the emoticoms on this post.

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In case you're wondering for us Americans, I'll give you a preview of the Superbowl commercials coming next Sunday. Here's a taste so far that has been unvieled:

Coca-Cola will return to the Superbowl for the first time in a decade with :60 and :30 second spots. One is called "Videogame".

A-B will have several TV ads

The much-maligned Kevin Federline (man, that rhymes) will appear in a Nationwide commercial as he dreams of being a rap star whil working in a restaurant.

Emerald Nuts will feature Robert Goulet.

I'll have more tomorrow. www.superbowl-ads.com

Speaking of Super Bowl Commercials (Kevin Federline landed a commercial? :blink: ) Found this - one of my favs of all time. And this from a gay man!

Miller Lite - Catfight

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So who's actually going to win the game?

This is going to be one of the more interesting Super Bowls in years because there is no clear favorite.

If Payton Manning can keep it together and not choke at the "big game" as he often does then Indianapolis will probably take it.

If the inexperienced Rex Grossman pulls himself together and the Bears defense does it's job then it will be Chicago.

I'm being optimistic (and hopeful as well) but I have the Bears at 3 pts. B)

This is like my dream Super Bowl because I grew up 2 hours from Indy and 2 hours from Chicago so our loyalties were always divided. B)

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If Payton Manning gets forced to throw the ball early by the Bears defense and gets rattled early, The Bears can win this. If the Bears can't get their offensive going in the early going, it's the Colts. Both coaches are very sharp on the defensive end (as well as the best of friends, BTW).

I'd say the Indianapolis Colts will win this one out, and it will be close. By, say, within 6-10 points. Full disclosure:I got relatives in Indy, so I know they're pumped over this.

At the Halftime show starring Prince, Pepsi, the halftime show sponsor, will award a lucky fan a $100,000 jewel-encrusted Pepsi soda can along with holding down two :90 spots in the first and second quarter.

Snickers, and NFL sponsor, will present a commercial with multiple endings. Alternate endings will appear on the Snickers website.

HP will make its Superbowl TV commercial debut in the fourth quater.

Disney will promote Meet The Robinsons and Wild Hogs. Lions Gate will release Pride, a true story movie about an inner-city swim team...Amanda Beard and Michael Phelps are supposed to make cameos in this movie. Studios are staying away from this Super Bowl this time.

Danica Patrick, Candace Michelle, and Valerie Thompson will appear for Godaddy.com

Sprint will unviel its "Power Up" campaign

Doritos will have the winner crash the Superbowl with his or her winning ad from those submitted and voted online.

Snapple is promoting its new green tea drink with EGCG, which is intended to boost metabolism, in the fourth quarter.

Budweiser will have "rock, paper, scissors", Carlos Mencia ("Mind of Mencia"), the Clydesdales, and "King of Crabs", space station, and a hitchiker in each of their spots.

If you're living in Canada, LG will bring forth an ad supposedly promoting its new TV being released there in the Great White North during the Super Bowl. Because LG's not a corporate sponsor for the NFL, not even its Canadian arm, it can't have access to the Superbowl trademark. That's why it uses the Big Game as a substitute.

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In honor of Tuesday being Media Day during Superbowl Week, one of the more interesting days during the hype leading up to the orgy of the pigskin, I'd like to present to you from Sports Illustrated the 20 Dumbest Questions Asked on Media Day.

The Super Bowl's Dumbest Questions

Back to the commercials for a moment: David Beckham, the newest LA Galaxy star, will appear in a :30 commercial touting the NFL Network with Chad Johnson, Janet Reno, and Martha Stewart. David Beckham Touts NFL Network.

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A few scenes from Chicago in a prelude to Sundays game:



Makes you wonder what they will do if Chicago gets the 2016 nod!

So anyone else having a superbowl party and will be contributing to the 90,000,000 flushes of the toilet that supposedly always happen during halftime? :P

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My local news show has stated that this Super Bowl is the first one where two Canadians will face AGAINST each other for the Super Bowl ring. The one playing for Chicago hails from Brandon, Manitoba. The other one, playing for Indianapolis, hails from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Okay, it is not a big thing, but which ever team wins the championship, there will be a Canadian involved.

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So has anyone already joined their office pools?

I paid for 2 squares... I'm hoping for some money. ;)

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LA84, that is really bad! LOL! :lol:;):lol:

That picture is an instant classic!

Or so it shall be, but only if the Bears are to win.

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Indianapolis won! 29-17!

Congrats Manning, its well deserved!

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I thought Dominic Rhodes would get MVP honours, but the Colts had so many outstanding performances anyone could have gotten it. But I'm glad for Manning and especially Dungy, they finally get a championship.

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