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2011 Universiade Holds In Shenzhen China

Guest tokyo2016

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2007 January 17th 3 o'clock in the morning, executive committee of Universiade which is commenced with the Italian Torino, in 2011 the Chinese Guangdong Province decided the opening area of 26th Universiade

of opening schedule, deeply in plug city.

China holds international event

2007 Changchun Winter Asina Games

2008 Beijing Olympic Games

2009 Harbin Winter Universiade

2010 Shanghai Expo

2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

2011 Shenzhen Universiade

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Its comparable with Japan

Sapporo 1972

Tokyo 1964

Expo 70 , Osaka

Asian Winter Games 86' and 90' Sapporo

Asian games '58 Tokyo

Asian games '94 Hiroshima

World Cup '02

Expo 85 , Tsbaska

Nagano 98

Expo 05 Aichi Nagoya

In a next 3-5 decades China will be hosting as much as Japan has . Don't be suprise if China and India turns the G8 into G10 .

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That could be a long while coming, when it comes to that G8 idea. When you gets the likes of those wanting to reform the UN, especially when it comes to the Security Council and nothing is really done about it for "a long time," then I wouldn't hold my breath on that issue. The Canadian government, under Pierre Trudeau, can attest to that then.

Anyway, getting back into topic, makes you wonder what is next for China. A FIFA Men's World Cup, too, as for that tokyo2016 forgot in his post about that China is hosting this year's FIFA WOMEN'S WORLD CUP. Never mind that Shanghai is hosting the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games, too.

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Some "inside" story:

(From North to South) Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou (Canton) are the three most important cities in China.

When China decided to go for an Olympic, Beijing was chosen, becoz it is the capital of China-- in both politic and sport.

After that, Shanghai was jealous. Coz Shanghai is the so-called "number 1 city" in China (Hong Kong not counted). So, in order to comfort the political interest of Shanghai, the central government choose Shanghai to bid the Expo.

Then, after Beijing got the Olympic and Shanghai got the expo, Guangzhou was upset, coz the Guangdong province is the fastest growing and richest province in China. So it got the Asian Games.

But the story continued. In Guangdong province there're two "rival" cities: Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Guangzhou is the traditional political and cultural centre of Southern China, while Shenzhen is the new born finanicial superstar (in fact the most richest city in China). Shenzhen often looks down Guangzhou as "poor, not fashionable", while Guangzhou views Shenzhen as "uneducated upstarts". As a reason, when Guangzhou got the Asiad, it turns Shenzhen upset. So the result is: the central government choose Shenzhen to bid for the Universiade, in order to comfort the city.

It's all about the balance of political interests between different regions and cities. In China hosting an international event means the city will get money pumping from the central government. At the same time to host an internetional event is a chance for those regional government leaders to show off their talents in front of the central government, which may leading them to a higher position in the bureaucracy system.

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China has so many huge city that they should put some of them on sell on eBay :lol:.

Canada sure could use the extra population ^^.

Anyway, good luck Shenzhen in hosting the Universitad.

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China has so many huge city that they should put some of them on sell on eBay :lol:.

Canada sure could use the extra population ^^.

Anyway, good luck Shenzhen in hosting the Universitad.

But, they are really concentrated at the "thin" east side of the country, bordering by the sea.

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I'm sorry for the necroposting, but i wanted to publish some updated info about Shenzhen 2011, and since i found this thread on the archive..

The venues for the games:

Universiade Center(Stadium 60,000/Gymnasium 18,000/Water Gym )




Current state of the construction


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The torch and medal has also been unveiled recently, last month, as part of the one year countdown celebrations. The torch is very unique because each piece of it can be moved, so the torch can have infinite shapes




Medal design:



SHENZHEN - The long-awaited design of Shenzhen Universiade medals and torch was recently unveiled, when a spectacular celebration was held in Shenzhen to mark the one-year countdown to the Games.

Bearing a Universiade logo, the torch is different from most used to herald sporting events in that rings forming the torch can be revolved to change shape, which means each torchbearer can have a unique Universiade torch.

The torch is expected to be ignited at Beijing University and passed through 30 college campuses across the country before the Games open on August 12th next year, according to the Universiade Organizing Committee.

Xue Mei, designer of "Ocean Heart," the Universiade medal, world famous pianist Lang Lang and Chinese diving queen Guo Jingjing unveiled the gold, silver and bronze medals during the celebration. The medals feature inlaid conch shell. Xue is from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

A starry array of singers and performers participated in the celebration and delivered their best wishes by fantastic shows. Lang Lang, the world famous pianist, the image ambassador of Shenzhen Universiade, presented a melody “Shenzhen Rhythm” specially composed for the Shenzhen Universiade.

Themed "Tell the world," the celebration was attended by some 30,000 people, including Guangdong Governor Huang Huahua and other government officials, college students, foreign consuls from Guangzhou and sports and arts celebrities.

A neon clock over the stadium marked the start of the one-year countdown at 8 p.m. and a spectacular firework show followed with the audience cheering and waving light sticks.

"We look forward to sharing the joy and friendship of the Universiade with the world," said Shenzhen Party chief Wang Rong.

A total of 365 citizens, each wearing a T-shirt with each date leading up to the Games, vowed to make their contribution.

"College students from around the world are welcome to the Shenzhen Universiade in 2011," said Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin when he sent the specially designed postcard ticket to the world. Each member of the audience was called on to follow his suit and invite their friends to the Shenzhen Universiade.

About 60,000 people have applied for volunteer work for the Games.

There has been rapid construction work on venues, and the Metro Line 3, which connects the main venues, will be completed by the end of this year. The city is spending 20 billion yuan (USD 2.94 billion) on transportation construction this year.

Scheduled to open August 12th next year, the 12-day 26th Universiade has scheduled 24 disciplines and 306 events. A record of 13,000 athletes and officials from 180 countries and regions are expected to participate.

In September Shenzhen will host the World University Archery Championship as a test event which will be attended by 300 athletes.

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I know this is necroposting but i find rather dumb making another thread of this e_e...

The venues for the 2011 Universiade are almost completed. As expected, China once again did an outstanding work and much of the venues look like something for an olympics.

Longgang Stadium Complex



This was going to be originaly the site of the opening ceremony but on last december they decided to do it at the bay stadium, it seems they will try an innovating ceremony, kinda like Guangzhou did for the Asian Games last year.

The Bay Stadium



Baoan Bamboo Stadium



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The article from the official website

Games opening venue changed


Li Hao

SHENZHEN Bay Sports Center in Nanshan District would replace the Universiade Stadium in Longgang District as the venue for the opening ceremony of the 2011 Universiade, a press conference was told Thursday.

The bay venue would help present Shenzhen to the world as a modern coastal city with a bridge connecting Nanshan and Hong Kong, said Shi Gang, director of the opening and closing ceremonies department of the Games executive office.

The Longgang stadium, surrounded by undeveloped land, will be the venue for the closing ceremony.

“The Universiade opening ceremony would be different from the Beijing Olympics and Guangzhou Asian Games opening ceremonies. It will use space inside and outside the stadium. We will make every athlete a part of the opening ceremony,” said Jiang Haoyang, general manager of the company in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies.

Earlier media reports said the venue change was inspired by the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, which were held in the city’s new urban area and featured the innovative use of water elements.

The location helped show Guangzhou to the world, which Shenzhen wanted to emulate, according to the reports.

A fireworks display on Shenzhen Bay was being considered, said Jiang.

The opening ceremony would be designed by a team of creative talent from different industries.

Called the “Spring Cocoon,” the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center includes a stadium, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and a theme park, along with other sporting facilities.

Source:ShenzhenDaily | Editor:王佳

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