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2028 Competition

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So far we have expressions from

North America:

Vancouver, CANADA


Central America:

Guadalajara, MEXICO




Singapore, SINGAPORE

Hong Kong, HONG KONG




Thessaloniki , GREECE

8 bids in total. Good work. Though I’m sure the field will shorten over time.

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Yer thats fine. I proposed those dates becuase they suited me. Thats why i asked if their was any problems. I will be submitting on the dates i proposed, everyone else is free to submit when ever they like as long as we can come to an agreement about the voting period.

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I think maybe due to lack of activity of most bids, we should extend the competition a great deal. The 2024 competition was short, and ffrom what i gather, there wasnt many bids submitted and voting numbers were minimal. 2020, although there were only 3 bids, saw a large amount of intrest and votes- and it ran for almost a year.

I suggest putting the submission date back a few months, maybe to coincide with a major Olympic event. Such as the 2014 vote. I really dont see the point in rushing into things, were getting very forward in fantasy time after all.

We cant continue to have 2 month long competitions. I suggest maybe extend the competition to sometime between June and August. This may also help to work with the North American summer holiday period.

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I see Borton has filed its book. And way past deadline for the comp anyway. Let's just say Boston won and move on to the next winter comp (they seem more manageable anyway)

Ah yes, another fine moment in GamesBids summer games fantasy comps.

Fitting, actually.

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