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Vancouver 2028

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Hi. Here is a preliminary venue plan for my fantasy bid. Please note that I am not from Vancouver (I never visited B.C. ...), so if anyone from the city could give me there opignon, I would be greatfull (I mean, I found where new venues would to be build via Google map...). Also, would Vancouver happen to have an hippodrome?

Anyway, here it goes. Vancouver will host most events, while Victoria will host Modern Pentathlon, some Football and BMX, as weel as its own athleats and media village.

Vancouver, new venues

B.C. Stadium (75 000)

Athletics, Football (Finals)

Situate at the angle of W37th avenue and of Ontario St. (Not sure for that one. Anyway, big chuck of un-used land about there).

Olympic Beach Volleyball Stadium (7 500)

Build next to the Olympic Stadium

Athletes village and Velodrome (Both situated next to each other) (Velodrome capacity: 6 000)

Between Fraiser St. and E 41st. Avenue

Aquatic Center (20 000 main pool, 5 000 indor pool (diving) and 5 000 secondary pool), Tennis Center (8 000, 2 000, 500) and Shooting (Shootgun)

Near Westminster Street.

Cypress Mountain

Mountain Biking and Canoe/Kayak (Whitewater)

Vancouver, existing venues

B.C. Place (Capacity: 12 000 for Boxing and Volleyball, 9 000 for Badminton, Handball and Rhythmic Gymnastic)





Rhythmic Gymnastic

G.M. Place (19 000)


Pacific Coliseum (16 000)


Net Bailey Stadium and Arena (7 000 for Baseball, 6 000 for Fencing)



UBC Sport Center ( 6 500)

Table Tennis


Richmond Olympic Oval (4 000 for Weightlifting, 7 000 for Judo and Wrestling)




PNE Agrodome (3 300)

Shooting (Pistol and Rifle)

Waterfront Stadium (15 000~30 000)


Swangart Stadium (7 500)


Thunderbird Stadium (Expanded to 5 000)



Victoria, existing

World Championships BMX Center

Cycling (BMX)

Royal Athletic Park (9 000)

Modern Penthatlon (Equestrian)

Save-on-Food Center (7 000)

Modern Penthatlon (Fencing and Shooting)

Centennial Stadium (Temporarily expanded to 20 000)

Modern Penthatlon (Runing)


Medal Ceremonies (Modern Penthatlon and BMX)

Victoria, new venues

Victoria's Olympic Pool (5 000)

Modern penthatlon (Swimming)

Other Venues

Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton (60 000)


McMahon Stadium, Calgary (38 000)


Mosaic Stadium, Regina (27 000)


Canad Inns Stadium, Winnipeg (30 000)


By the way, if somebody from Vancouver could tell me where I can find a good beach (for the Triathlon and the Open water swiming) and a big lake (at least 2000m long) (for Rowing and Canoe/Kayak) near Vancouver, I would apreciate it.

Also, if anyone could help me with the logo and the PDF, it would be great.

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Well, I have two options for B.C. place. The first would to use it primarly as a convention hall/concert hall, with temporary seatings for some sportings events (stuff like Basketball, not Football...). Option two would be to destroy B.C. Place after the games and replace it with a convention center, an hotel or something of the sort.

Also, someting I did not mention, but the Beach Volleyball build with the Olympic Stadium have an interesting feature: it would have a retractable roof, so in the summer it can be used as an outdoor area for sports such as Tennis or Beach Volleyball, while it could also be used year long as an indoor arena.

It is also quite usefull if it starts raining.

The Olympic Stadium itself, on the other hand, would not be roofed.

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