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I don't think there's any "maybe" about it. Absolutely nothing has changed apart from the volume of posts. Personally, I consider that reduction a mercy to the rest of us.

NO. Repeating things over and over are not constructive posts.

Tony, 3 things here.. 1) The thread title may be Ask the Moderator, but this is still a public thread. If you had something you wanted to say to GBMod privately, this wasn't the place to put it. An

I created a magazine about the architecture of the Rio 2016 Olympics which I wanted to share. Is it allowed to place a link to this publication on this forum? (the magazine is available for free on a trusted website)

Thanks in advance!

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When will be updated the bid index re. LAX vs Paris?
The vote or decision will be done very soon...

What is under this vacuum?

1- too close, too hard to say...

2- Games are over: "les jeux sont faits"...

Please, Mr. Moderator or Administrator, reply...


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Can you please create a stand alone Thread site for the 2018 Commonwealth Games as you did for 2014.




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46 minutes ago, Mr.M15ter said:

Hi. I know it's been a long time since anyone responded to this thread. Just wondering if there is any advice someone could impart on new Gamesbids Forums members such as myself. Thank you very much.

I joined not too long ago myself, so I don’t have much advice to offer up, but I’ll say hi back :D

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