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Perth 2028

Perth 2028  

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  1. 1. Perth's chance of winning a GB.com Bid Competition

    • High, I will support the bid
    • Good, Contender for victory
    • Average, Will be in the mix
    • Lacking, Competition will be a little strong
    • Low, Too daring for Perth
    • None, I'snt a suitable host

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Esspecially with the Wildcats selling out 9/10 Games. I think its an excuse to keep Challenge open. Apart from swimming competitions the facility wasnt used on any major basis, until the Cats moved in.

The "wow" should come dependent on if James Packers plans for Burswood go through. The village i have planned would turn a few noses up.. if this was a real bid of course.

Let's see...wow... WACA Olympic Stadium? Subiaco Dome?

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WACA Olympic Stadium? Better be adjustable for cricket there buddy!

I just think in this age of Dubai winter Olympics and Guatemala City hosting (what the hell happened with that bid comp??) you need some reclaimed land, some 120,000 seat velodromes and some gratuitous bid book nudity.

Just suggestions.

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Nah, the WACA gets on my nerves with their stubbornness over the new stadium. **** them honestly.

Reclaiming land sounds all fine an dandy, screw aboriginal native title. No body would realise if fresh water bay suddenly transformed into a 200,000 seat hockey stadium. West Australian's are oblivious.

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Perth Announce CBD Plan for 2028

Perth, Western Australia

December 2020

After debating the matter for almost 50 years the Perth City Council, in its first coalition with the West Australian State Government has agreed to the much anticipated City development plan. The plans, refined to accommodate the 2028 Olympic Games, should they be awarded to Perth will be the single largest urban renewal project ever under taken in Australia.

The plans incorporate the reclaiming of around 50,000sq meters of the Swan River and the development of a water front mixed use district, creating Perth’s own water front city. The vision, planned by a cooperate of Perth based companies Mirvac and Multiplex will include several Olympic competition venues, underground transport links, a new water front village, and the long planned Marina City development.

With an estimated price tag of over AU$14billion over 10years, the project will ensure homes for over 20,000 and almost double the current commercial business space currently in the city.

The development is fuelled by the astronomical demand for inner city residences which has increased almost exponentially since the turn of the millennium. This has caused the Perth CBD to become one of the most exclusive and expensive in the world with average property prices double that of Sydney and Brisbane.

“Perth has suffered greatly for almost a decade when in comes to its CBD and its capacity to satisfy the needs and wants of the West Australian people.”

“This vision will ensure more can enjoy the city as both a home and place of entertainment. The plan is the single greatest thing to happen to the city and will ensure it remains prosperous well into the future. We are confident the development will propel Perth into international stardom and further increase its reputation of being a classy, clean and vibrant metropolis. The is a once in a life time opportunity for Perth to really be recognised and will soundly support it in gaining future events” said State Premier Alan Carpenter

Major partners or the project Mirvac and Multiplex have announced their excitement for the project saying that high demand for inner city residence will help drive down costs of the project.

This brings the estimated cost of city development for the Olympic Games to almost AU$20billion. Plans for the development are expected to be released in a matter of days.


Premier Carpenter with project manager Andrew McGurk


*24,000 new inner city apartments

*Space for over 1,000 businesses

*5,000 new underground parking bays

*New airport transit link (underground) extending from the Esplanade/Convention Centre train station.

*10,000seat indoor velodrome and temporary BMX facility

*15,000sqm of new parkland

*Marina City development (currently in groundbreaking)

*10 new high rise towers

*Olympic Flame Cauldron

*Burswood Olympic Park

*Expansion of Graham Farmer Freeway/Mitchell Freeway

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