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Perth 2028

Perth 2028  

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  1. 1. Perth's chance of winning a GB.com Bid Competition

    • High, I will support the bid
    • Good, Contender for victory
    • Average, Will be in the mix
    • Lacking, Competition will be a little strong
    • Low, Too daring for Perth
    • None, I'snt a suitable host

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Personally i would love rowing on the Swan River (at Canning Bridge where most the current regatta's are held).. however the new Champion Lakes facility being built near Armadale (about 20mins south of Perth) is hard to say no to.

I'm still considering the sailing venue.

*Fremantle, traditional sailing venue, no much oppertunity for viewing positions though.

*Geographe Bay, Busselton (quite a distance from Perth)

*Freshwater and Matilda Bays (on the Swan River)

James Packer, Australia's richest man announced a plan to construct a new 60,000 seat stadium, 35,000 seat football stadium and 10,000 seat arena at Burswood creating the cities own sports park. That fits in almost perfectly with the plans i published a day or so before!

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*Beach Volleyball has been moved to the far popular Cottesloe Beach area. Capacity to be reduced.

*Triathlon to remain at Leighton Beach (North Fremantle) area.

*Sailing has been allocated within the Leighton Beach (affectivly North Fremantle Harbour). Viewing positions would be available at temporary pavillions installed on the beach to service both triathlon and sailing.

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i hope you got a better version of that coz it's dotted all over...if you don't i can make you a better version if you let me...just ask, no prob!

ps: also the circles do have to be coloured! and i think in the official logo of the bid there can't be a "motto" but i'm not so sure.

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Pendulum, Esky named noise of bid.

Fremantle based four time platinum group Eskimo Joe and fellow Perth artist DJ Pendulum have been selected as the sound of the Perth 2028 bid.

Eskimo Joe, one of Australia’s most popular acts will head the campaign to promote the Perth bid as it embarks on its tour of New Zealand. Their title “From The Sea”, from their 2nd album “A Song Is A City” was selected by Perth’s Events Corp. the organising committee of the 2028 bid.

DJ Pendulum, the world renowned dance composing group, now based in the UK, will head the over-seas campaign. Their album “Hold Your Colour” has been selected and will been given the green light to form the backing of Perth’s audio ambitions. The track “Fasten Your Seatbelts” is set to appear on European television accompanied by the official Perth 2028 advertisement.

Air Race to partner Games

The Red Bull Air Race will partner the opening ceremony of the Perth 2028 Olympic Games should the city be awarded the event. The 2028 Games, proposed by Perth to begin on Novermber 10th 2028, coincides with the final day of proceedings of the annual air race. The event which attracts over 500,000 people to the banks of Perth’s Swan River is hoped to open the days celebratory proceedings for what would be a special day for the city.

The combination of the two events will ensure lessened security issues and the creation of a formal festival atmosphere before the start of the Games.

Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alana McTiernan hopes that the combination of the events “will allow the citizens to enjoy both the sky and land of Perth”. Both are planned for a Sunday which is seen to create several transportation issues around the Perth CBD and proposed Olympic Park precent.

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Perth budget to include $50million event legacy package

Organisers of the Perth 2028 Olympic bid will compensate AU$50million of tax-payers funds to create an events hedging legacy for future ambitions.

The funds, aimed at providing resources to Perth’s government operated Events Corp, will ensure the city with a base for future event hosting and bids.

It is expected, should the games be awarded to Perth, Events Corp will set its sights on obtaining FINA, UCI or FIBA events to provide a legacy for venues post Olympic Games.

“Perth has held the FINA Champs on two occasions; it was the first to do this, affirming it as a premier aquatic city”. “The city also has experience in hosting the UCI World Championship”. “This is experience me must built on to really change Perth’s perspective on a world stage” said Events Corp General Manager Ron Stevenson.

Perth has held the FINA Championships twice before, the UCI World Cup once, though was excluded from the FIBA Women’s World Cup held in Australia in 1994.

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Final Venue Plan Revealed

Existing Venues

Stadium Western Australia (Athletics, Ceremonies, Football Final) 65,000

Members Equity Stadium (Football) 35,000

MPI Arena (Basketball) 15,000

State Equestrian Centre (Equestrian) 15,000

Burswood Arena (Gymnastics, Judo, Taekwondo) 10,000

Perth Hockey Stadium (Hockey) 10,000 and 2,000

Perth Entertainment Centre (Volleyball) 8,700

Perth Convention Exhibition Centre (Table Tennis, Badminton, Fencing, Wrestling) 7,000 and 4,000

State Tennis Centre (Tennis) 5,000 and 2,000

Whiteman Park International Shooting Complex (Shooting) 4,800

Arena Joondalup (Modern Pentathlon, Weightlifting) 4,000

Challenge Aquatic Centre (Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming, Diving) 3,000 and 2,000

State Indoor Sports Centre (Boxing) 2,000

Bold Park (Mountain Cycling)

Temporary Venues

Cottesloe Beach (Beach Volleyball) 10,000

City of Perth Garden (Archery) 2,500

Olympic White Water Park (Canoe/Kayak) 2,000

Town Of Vincent (Road Cycling)

Leighton Beach (Triathlon, Sailing, Swimming

Significant Upgrade to Existing Venue

Champion Lakes Regatta Centre (Rowing, Canoe/Kayak) 16,000

Challenge Stadium (Handball) 7,500

New Venues

Perth Olympic Aquatic Centre (Swimming, Water Polo) 20,000

Olympic Velopark (Cycling, BMX) 10,000 and 4,000

Mandurah Convention Centre (Basketball) 5,000

Football Venues

Hindmarsh Stadium (Adelaide) 20,000

Victory Stadium at Melbourne Park (Melbourne) 35,000

Aussie Stadium (Sydney) 43,000

Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane) 56,000

Possible Exhibition Sports Venues

AK Reserve Stadium (Rugby 7’s) 10,000

Baseball Park (Baseball, Softball) 6,000 and 2,000

Kings Park Lawn Bowls Club (Lawn Bowls) 1,000

University OF Western Australia (Squash) 500

City Beach/Trigg Beach (Surfing)

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