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Olympic Golden Rings Award


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After you read the web link below, do you agree with their assessment? Here is a brief summary of the winners of broadcasting the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games to the world:


Gold: Australia's Seven Network for Prime Time, XX Olympic Winter Games

Silver: USA's NBC Network for Men's Downhill & Women's 1500-m Long Track Speedskating

Bronze: Canada's CBC Network for Torino 2006, The Olympic Winter Games On CBC


1. Gold: USA's NBC Network for Profile Of The Russian Figure Skater, Irina Slutskaya

2. Silver: Eurosport International for The Emperor's March - Profile Of Norway's Ole Einar Bjoerndahlen & France's Raphael Poiree

3. Bronze: Netherlands' NOS Television for Double Davis - Profile Of American Speed Skater Shani Davis


1. Gold: USA's NBC Network for Opening Tease

2. Silver: Australia's Seven Network for Olympic Wrap

3. Bronze: YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company for Try, Finn, Try


1. Gold: Alpine Skiing - Men's Downhill from SRG Switzerland

2. Silver: Cross Country from YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company

3. Bronze: Freestyle Moguls/Aerials from Australia's Seven Network

Well, what does that tell you about how the Americans and the Australians are doing in making WINTER OLYMPICS broadcasting to their home countries. It seems that the IOC liked them very much.

Link: IOC: Winners Of The Olympic Golden Rings 2006

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I'm shocked Channel 7 rated so highly. I'm a keen watcher of 7 (as most from Perth are). Much preffer it to the other networks.

However i saw hardly any of the 2006 Games.

the aussies have done brilliant

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Wow, Australia of all countries becomes the one with the best Winter Olympics coverage? That's really an extraordinary achievement. Congratulations!

But I guess that the German Olympic broadcasters ARD and ZDF have to worry about the results. They are two of the most active Olympic TV channels (with almost a 24-hour Olympics-related programme during every edition of the Games) in the world, but obviously that doesn't guarantee quality (at least in the eyes of the IOC).

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It goes to show you that you don't need to be a "winter country" to give good coverage of the Winter Olympics to that same country.

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