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Europe Games?

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Gibraltar is an island???? :)

Guess so. In fact, Gibraltar hosted the 1995 Island Games. Over 1,200 athletes from 18 "national entities" competed in 14 sports then.

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Speaking of what I found about the Island Games, I did. Here are the links:

1. Official Island Games Website

2. Official Rhodes 2007 Island Games Wesite

Also, these "national entities" are in these Games, but I thought they had much more participants than this before:

- ALAND (Finland)

- ALDERNEY (part of Guernsey)



- FALKLAND ISLANDS (British overseas territory)

- FAROE ISLANDS (part of Denmark)

- FROYA (part of Norway)

- GIBRALTAR (British overseas territory)

- GOTLAND (part of Sweden)

- GREENLAND (Danish overseas territory)

- GUERNSEY (British overseas territory)

- HITRA (part of Norway)

- ISLE OF MAN (British territory)

- ISLE OF WIGHT (British territory)

- JERSEY (British territory)

- MINORCA (Spanish territory)

- ORKNEY (British territory)

- PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (province of Canada)

- RHODES (part of Greece)

- SAAREMAA (part of Estonia)

- SARK (part of Guernsey)

- SHETLAND (British territory)

- ST. HELENA (British overseas territory)

- WESTERN ISLES (British territory)

- YNYS MON (British territory)

And, yes, some of them even have their individual "national" flags.

Does anybody know which islands can become members? There are far more island in the world.....

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Absolutely not!

Why not? Far more media-attention for major Games, than for individual Championships (except maybe athletics and soccer). All other sports would benefit from this new event!

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