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The 15th Asian Games - Doha 2006


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a voice of dissent......

to begin with, i'd like to say that i had very high expectations for the doha ceremonies for two reasons: first because it would be the first asian games edition to hire a firm who previously worked with the olympics, and second because it would be interesting to see how extravagant oil-rich nations would splurge for a three-hour ceremony.

the begining was very nice, a meesage of peace to start the ceremonies, warms up the heart strings but it was downhill from there. I guess, the creative people just had so many things in mind that they failed to organize the flow of everything. too many things spoiled the soup. no doubt, no expense was spared with regards to the technology used, but i felt that the narration "story-telling" mode destroyed any surprises since it pre-empted a lot of would-be stunners.

clearly the doha ceremonies was the work of the people who did sydney. it seems that they just shuffled the plot of sydney2000 and reconfigured it in such a way that there would be more sand than the sea. some other similarites are the segment with horses, the "tin symphony" segment (it was not named as such but the resemblance is uncanny), the use of another child (think arab, male version of Nikki Webster) as the central figure of the story, and the freaking lighting of the torch.

Because of how they lit the cauldron atop the Khalifa Sports Tower the more it is becoming obvious that it really had no purpose in the Games. The cauldron inside the stadium and how the guy virtually humped and grabbed on to dear life to get the horse to gallop towards the top was just a rehash of sydney. the circular stage, the terraces, and the stairs going to the top - Im starting to think theyre running out of ideas.

Couldnt they have focused more on the arab concept- i mean its been more thant two decades since the games went west), or maybe the sand and sea idea. i mean the thing with rotating circles was kinda lame since a lot of people (me included) dont even know what it is. the silk road segment was super dragging, and the generalization of the "major" asian civilizations alienates the other countries not included.

The ceremony at some points became a burden to watch since a lot of segments went on on and on and it did not helped that the music was monotonous.

On a more positive note, the giant screen behind the secondary stands was spectacular, the fireworks were amazing, and the lighting was fabulous.

I may sound harsh on what i said about the ceremonies but as a whole i think that it elevated the ceremonies of the asian games to a whole new level. the xpectations that i had were clearly not met but that was because i was basing it on olympic standard which was obviously what they were gunning for.

History dictates that the opening is better that the closing so i guess its on to guangzhou2010.

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Damn! Finally we are offered an obviously extremely good ceremony -- and all I could see via that streaming link were maybe five pictures per minute. Even the audio commentary was interrupted again and again. Was anyone able to watch the stream properly, with moving pictures and an uninterrupted commentary?

All I could guess about the cauldron lighting was that the final torchbearer was sitting on a horse and that he lit something looking like an eye, than turning into a horizontal position and being orbited by three rings which reminded me of a globe. Could someone give me the details how the lighting proceeded, please? :unsure: And the details of the rest of the ceremony would be appreciated, too.

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More pics...



VERY CREATIVE with the design of the Cauldron... they used the Asian Games Emblem incorporated into the cauldron~


The lighting of the cauldron on horseback~







The host nation~


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That freakin giant screen was one of the best elements of the ceremony (the monsters, the night sky with the moon, the names of the nations entering on the parade...). I agree a little with blueview, there was some elements a la Sydney 2000 (like the desert terrain & the plataform to the cauldron). Anyway it was very breathtaking.

I feared that this year wouldn't had good ceremonies (i expected a lot of Torino & was a lot dissapointed in the end, Melbourne 2006 was good but not the best & WC2006...i prefer not to talk xDDD). This was the best sport event ceremony of this year, undoubtly.

LinkParkFn, maybe we can see a link to download the ceremony on a few days, just like Melbourne 2006 OC (two days after the ceremony there was a link to download it via Bittorrent) in eMule or Bittorrent, or at least some videos on Youtube, i guess we better be a little pacient and wait.

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However, one last thing. Some elements of the rehearsals couldnt be used at the end because of the strong wind and the rain.

Uh oh, looks like the Beijing olympics comittee might be now a little scared now after looking this (remember that the predictions says that it will rain the day of Beijing Opening).

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Just watched it on SBS and it was brilliant! Went for 2.5 hours, so it was slightly cut.

It was 10 times better than Melbourne 2006 (actually M2006 was really crap!)

I enjoyed it more than Athens as well - just spectacular. I honestly feel that 2016 is going to be a brilliant race with Qatar in the field - USA you better watch out because at this rate you wont see another Olympic Games for another 20/30 years which this style and quality is delivered by "emerging" nations in the world.

That is what makes it so exciting


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OK so the delayed telecast just finished in Australia. Very well put together. I was saddened no female Qatari athletes were deemed important enough to be a final torch bearer. It would have been a very brave moment for an Arab country to have allowed that. Too soon perhaps.

I secretly hoped the horse would have slid over and deposited his royal Prince Ali Baba on his royal arse. First the Norweginas get the crown prince to light the flame, now the Qataris... can we expect Charles or William to light the London flame??

It was beautiful to watch, the big screen was amazing and boy you see where those million were spent!

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The giant screen was excellent. I love the little "Arab & Islamic" things that was showcased last night, although seemed similar to other opening ceremonies anywhere else:

1. The greeting Assalamualaikum or "Peace be upon you".. similar to G'day or Hello, etc that you see in every opening ceremony..

2. The Arabic letter "Qaf" that was made as the shape of the guy's sailboat was brilliant.. Qaf is "Q" in the word Qatar.

3. Horses.. again... similar to Barcelona, Sydney, etc.. but horses are special in the eyes of the Arab and Islamic world. In fact, in Islam, the 3 most encouraged sport is horseback riding, archery, and swimming.

The earlier parts were boring where I wish more people would be involved in the performance at the centre of the stadium. But the superb multimedia show projected on that giant screen and on the ground made up for it.

I do think however that the overall presentation was a bit "western" and "artificial".. and as if it was made for the western eye and does not show the best of what the Arabs can offer.

It was rather a show of how money can buy the world's best experts to pull off something spectacular like that.

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With those pictures, the opening ceremony looked great. However, seeing that it is the biggest Games for the Asian continent, I guess I have to rely on these posts to get some ideas of how the ceremony went.

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I also contributed with some videos on Youtube, take a look at them, you will not be dissapointed ;)

Journy Begins- Sea of Life- Asia


Asia (2° Part)


José Carreras & Magida El Roumi- Light the Way (Entrance of the Torch)


Im still surprised how fast the users beggined to publish videos about the Asian Games on Youtube, hope to see a better quality videos soon. :P

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Who do these regional Games think they are in presenting so-so Ceremonies that they're not going to broadcast tothe world? Hrmmmph!

If these pretentious regionals are going to outspend the Olympics and NOT broadcast them to the other continents, then the IOC should suspend the Organizing Committees from not having anything to do with the next Olympics. Or at least that's how I would promulgate it. The nerve of these regional pretenders!! <_<

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don't make your jealousy this obvious baron. the opening could certainly teach atlanta, athens, torino, salt lake a thing or 2 about lighting the cauldron.

Uhmm.... how can I be jealous if I haven't seen it? Besides, what do you expect from a desert, non-Christian culture? Probably pagan-type stuff. I've seen the stills on their webpage. The one with the torches...well, very reminiscent of the Nazis' Nuremberg rallies...

Now, if someone can send me a copy of the ceremony -- then I can pronounce a more unbiased judgment after I view it? ;)

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It was a good show. I watched on WCSN.com and it was different watching a ceremony without commentary or commercials. They do take care of the visiting dignitaries, don't they. It looked like they were all sitting in barcaloungers.

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From what i seen of the ceremony it was good, i didnt get the big screen thing though. the lightning of the flame was good especially the horse running up to the cauldren, could tell it was done by the Sydney guys although what i dont get is why they have a flame, should just be an olympic thing, plus wer do they light it from?

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