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Tea Boilers For Cleaner Energy... What's That?

China Man

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"(BEIJING, Nov. 16) -- Beijing has already achieved its goal of using clean energy in the heating system for the year.

Up to the end of October, a total of 1410 boilers with a combined capacity of 5,000 tons have been converted to clean energy, fulfilling the plan for the year two months ahead of schedule.

Since 1998, the capital city has devoted attention to combating air pollution, with the use of clean energy instead of coal as a major priority. Over the past several years, more than 10,000 boilers with a capacity of less than 20 tons each and 44,000 tea boilers have taken in clean energy. As a result, the annual average of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere fell to 50 micrograms per cubic meter in Beijing in 2005, which means the national standard was met.

In its 11th five-year plan for the national economic development (2006-2011) Beijing has pledged to continue upgrade the rest of 2800 boilers with a capacity of less than 20 tons each."

This report is ambiguous. Anyone knows what is the clean substitute for coal that they use? What's tea boilers?

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