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Wristbands For Volunteers!

China Man

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Apparently, the Beijing 2008 Committee is considering having wrist bands for volunteers during the Games. On 29th Oct, they gave out these sample rubber wristbands during an event to volunteers and spectators. These wristbands are called 'Smile Bands', in conjunction with the "courtesy campaign" for the Olympics! ;-)

These rubber wristbands have the words “志愿者的微笑是北京最好的名片”engraved on the inner sides and a unique number tagged with it. The literal translation is "The smiles from the volunteers are the best namecards for Beijing!"

The design's not final. In fact, they gave out 20000 surveys to ask for opinions on the wristbands including questions on what they feel the different colors should symbolise! They will unveil the final version of the wristbands on 1st Jan 2007!


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