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New Hi-tech Pool For Ais

Sir Rols

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Good to see Oz trying to protect it's swimming edge:

SYDNEY, Oct 16, 2006 (AFP) - One of the world's most technologically advanced pools was officially opened Monday at Australia's renowned Sports Institute, in a bid to strengthen the country's chances at the 2008 Olympics.

Australian Sports Minister Senator Rod Kemp opened the 17-million-dollar (12.75 million US) AIS Recovery and Swimming Centre in the capital Canberra.

Kemp says the centre is the centrepiece of the Australian government's 74-million-dollar commitment to the redevelopment of the AIS campus and a key to ensuring the future success of Australian swimming.

The centre features a 10-lane, 50-metre pool with in-built performance analysis and monitoring systems for the training, testing and development of Australia's elite swimmers and teams, he said in a statement.

Kemp said it was important for the institute to stay at the cutting edge of sports science and technological innovation so that Australia can remain internationally competitive and maximise team performance.

``Finding split-second improvements in the performance of Australian swimmers using state-of-the-art performance analysis and biomechanical systems in training can mean the difference between placing in a final and winning a medal in Olympic competition,'' he said.

The centre is expected to become the national training base for the Australian swim team.

Analysis and monitoring systems packed into the pool walls and blocks, touch pads, magnetic timing gates and 24 fixed cameras will allow coaches and sports scientists to analyse all aspects of the AIS swimmer's performance in training.

The centre will also feature state-of-the art hydrotherapy and recovery facilities -- three spa baths, a plunge pool, a cold water walk-through and a river for active recovery and stretching.

Australia, which will host the world swimming championships in Melbourne next March, finished second on the medals table with 15 medals, seven of them gold, behind the United States (28) at the 2004 Athens Olympics.


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my pool is better :)//look athens aquatic centre finally gets a roof

LOL _ it always was a race between Athens and Beijing to see who could finish their acquatics centre first.


Seriously, the AIS pool isn't for competition or public use, purely scientific training.

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