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Doha 2006 Asian Games Torch Relay

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The Doha 2006 Asian Games torch relay will start in a matter of hours, tomorrow in Qatar. It will be the most extense relay on the history of the Asian games. 1000 torchbeares will carry the flame arround all the asian continent (looks like, after the Athens 2004 games, a lot of sport competitions are imiting what they did, the first one was the Melbourne Commonwealth Games).

-8 Oct 2006 - Flame Lighting Ceremony and commencement of the Relay

-11 Oct 2006 - Flame Marrying in New Delhi, India

-12 Oct 2006 - Taj Mahal, India

-21 Oct 2006 - Featured day at Hiroshima Peace Park, Japan

-23 Oct 2006 - Great Wall of China

-25 Oct 2006 - Guangzhou (next host city of the Asian Games in 2010)

-7 November 2006 - Holy City of Mashad, Iran

-11 November 2006 - Flame arrives in the Salalah, Oman - first cour the GCC

-25 November 2006 - Flame arrives back in Qatar for 7 days of the relay.

-1 December 2006 - Opening ceremony & lighting of the Cauldron

The torch, inspired of the curve horn of the Oryx (which is also the mascot of the games), with the Qatar flag colors, 72 cm lenght, 1,5 kg weight, fueled by propylene gas


The map of the torch relay


The torchbearers uniforms


Look of the stadium & the sports tower, that will be used as the cauldron


In the lead up to the Doha 2006 Asian Games, the Torch Relay will be a major focus for celebrations in 2006 throughout Asia. DAGOC will take the opportunity offered through the Torch Relay to give a ''Taste of Qatar'' to the Countries involved.

The Taste of Qatar Showcase will travel to 10 countries and regions (outside of the Middle East) on the Torch Relay route, inviting the communities it touches to experience a small part of Qatari culture in the days leading up to the relay day and be a central part of the Torch Relay evening celebrations.

Now, in the matter of the Opening & Closing ceremonies, David Atkins Enterprise will produce both of them (they were selected on April 3, 2005). Accord to the site, the ceremony will tell the history of Qatar, the Persic Gulf, Arab world & Asia (it will be the longsest cultural segment in any previous ceremonies). They'll introduce new technologies (it will set a new record in the Guinness accord to them, i dont really think the same, must see it). 10 composers from Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, Singapore, Japan, India, Korea, Germany & Australia will make the musical scores of the ceremonies. Looks like the main theme will be the multicultural diversity of Asia, incluiding the use of real animals, the rehearsals will take arround 1000 hours. The ceremony will be transmited on HDTV



There was something i don't get on the presentation. They say they will not use ANY special effects (fire, light, flying system, fog...NOTHING). I hope it’s an error.

Just a question. Will CCTV (china central television) transmit live the games (incluiding the lighting of the flame tomorrow)? I have the CCTV4 on my cable service, plus ART International(Arab Radio Television) , but that's all what i have of asian channels. Somebody please tell me the Timezone of Doha.

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