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2028 Bid Declaration

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This is the thread were you declare you intentions to take part in the 2028 Olympic Games Competetion.

You have one week to declare you intentions to bid (as of October 2 to October 10)

There you go:

Boston is my bid

Also all those who followed protecol and sent there cities to me have until October 8th to declare or there city is no longer protected. (Toronto, Dublin, NYC, Izmir, San Juan, and Vancouver)

Let the Games Begin!

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Faster and other GB members & friends ,

I want to thank you in particular for all the work you've already done.

I'm in with IstanbuI !

now I will read for the last time all the rulements you've written (are isn't the thread there anymore? )

I'm back will all my goodwill and my openly appologizes if I stigmatized you in the fantasy WC2018 before.

Hope we can come over with strong, transparant, refreshing rules to bring the joy for the fantasy bids back. I promise to all the GB forum members that I wont complain. Just for the fun and the spirit, Humanity and joy for Olympism.

Thanx in advance

Love u all

Greetz from Belgium.



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Well it's no surprise my bid was for Toronto. I'm publicly declaring it now but it's not a done deal on my part since I don't know if I can make enough time available to finish work on this bid. Other than that I'm declaring and hopefully submitting a finished bid book

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Alright, we are reverting back to the traditional, declare at any time in the run-up to the bid book due date.

Roltel - Hamburg

Faster - Boston

Mo - New York City and/or Cape Town

NYCD 2012 - Singapore

Marco - Guadalajara

Ryan - Rio

Dave - Toronto

Fatixx - Istanbul

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Blueview and I are putting forth a bid for...


Our Expo 2000 bid didn't push through due to unexpected changes in our work schedule plus the recent typhoons that have been hammering the Philippines were also a deterrent... (No Power, Water or Telcoms)

And this is just my opinion, the World Expo Fantasy bid is a very large undertaking and the organization of the bid is not as well thought out as this 2028 Fantasy Bid. Just my opinion OK? We're all friends here. :D

Anyway, good luck to all the cities!

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I think the whole competition has been put on the backburner anyways. I guess everyones busy at the moment. Currently I've been overwhelmed with loads of work for school so I have no time. and that's what your 4th year of University does to you. It makes you go insane!!

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