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Euro 2012


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I read an intriguing thing today; that our Olympics may hamper your preparations for Euro 2012.

Anywhere between 9,000 - 50,000 construction workers will be needed for London 2012 (depending on who you listen to). If it's at the higher end of the scale it is reckoned many Eastern European builders will come to England, leaving a shortage to build your stadiums.

I don't know how much truth there is in that, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Do you think this is possible?

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WELCOME BACK, ARROW00. Great to have a Polish member here again.

I'm glad to hear that. Am I still the only one form Poland?

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Obviously, there have been serious delays in the preparation for the EURO 2012 due to the recent political instabilities in Poland and Ukraine. That's why UEFA president Michel Platini now advised both countries to get their work done. He said that the next four to six months will be crucial for the preparations -- but he didn't threaten yet to award the EURO to another country, although UEFA will monitor closely how the work progresses.

Support and commitment for 2012

Platini warns hosts to speed up Euro 2012 plans

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And in English:

Kyiv, July 3 (Interfax-Ukraine) - UEFA President Michel Platini has not ruled out that Ukraine might be deprived of the right to stage the Euro 2012 European Football Championship.

"We need to pass a decision early in December on Madeira. December is the deadline. We are still playing with time, but we are gradually approaching the deadline. If Ukraine [does not host the championship], we will have to find another two stadiums (apart from the three selected in Poland). We'll wait and see," the French sports Web site L'Equipe quoted Platini as saying.

When asked by L'Equipe whether it will be possible to replace Ukraine's potential host cities with Berlin or Leipzig, as proposed by the German Football Federation, the UEFA president said that this could be the case.


Well, they have to have a tournament and if Ukraine isn't ready, it would be harsh to take it away from Poland who seem to be getting on steadily with their preparations. It sounds like a decent enough compromise solution, though not what any of us want to see. Having said that, what are relations between the two countries like nowadays?

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The Football Association will make a formal complaint to Fifa after flares were thrown on to the pitch during England's defeat in Ukraine.

Seconds after the match at the Dnipro Stadium kicked off, fans behind Robert Green's goal lobbed several lit flares into the penalty area.

More were hurled after Andriy Shevchenko missed a penalty following Green's 16th-minute sending off.

A spokesman for the FA described the events as "unacceptable".

"We have spoken with the Fifa delegate and we will be submitting a report with regard to the missiles," said FA director of communications Adrian Bevington.

"We will be following that up with a formal complaint.

"It is not acceptable for any player to come under attack from sustained missile-throwing and we will be forwarding that to Fifa in the next week."

After play was stopped twice in the first half to clear the flares from the pitch, BBC Radio 5 live reported that an announcement was made at half-time warning fans that the game would be abandoned if any more were thrown.

Ukraine held out for a 1-0 win, which boosted their hopes of securing a place in the play-offs for the final World Cup berths.







Capello has said:

"When we came to the stadium I saw the supporters being checked. Clearly they did not check enough."

I didn't watch the match as it was on an internet pay-per-view only, but on another forum I've been reading comments like this:

"Ukraine fans are such fucking savages, can't believe England still has this dwindling reputation as badly behaved supporters, England at home matches are exemplary, you won't find better behaved in the world, and away support occasionally amounts to a few drunken idiots shouting their mouths off. Ukraine fans were throwing goddam flares onto the England goalmouth, dam near setting Green (and later James) alight, fucking animals. I was hoping Croatia would get knocked out, now I hope Ukraine are the ones."

"They almost ended up setting some of their stewards on fire. Croatian supporters are a completely different class and for that reason I hope it is they who get to enjoy the World Cup rather then Ukraine. I'm just sorry we couldn't have done better for them tonight."

There have also been reports of racist abuse being direct at Carlton Cole.

I'm sorry to have to write another negative post in this thread, but is this country really ready for hosting a European Championships in 2 years? With repeated reports of construction worries, spats between FIFA and the countries' FAs, reports of large groups of ultras including fascist fringe groups, racist abuse, and now this, I don't think I've ever been less enthusiastic about a Euros than I am with this one.

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Oh please Goethe don't act like a fool. <_<

And look, I really didn't carte much about the euro 2012 bid but It's just a clear fact that (despite Serie A scandal) Italy's bid was, for obvious reasons, way more serious than those of Poland/Ukraine. Simply that.

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Uefa is so so hypocrite!

I mean, I may also understand the fact they would have wanted to punish Italy for the match-fixing scandal but giving the Euros to a country with such poor garancies and such rate of hooliganism is simply ridicolous.

I'm not against Ukraine. On the contrary, I hope they could host a good championship in the end.

I'm against Uefa's policy.

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Looks like it will be Poland + Kiev and Donetsk only.

Or do we think it'll just be Poland?

From what I've heard it would be Poland + Rostock, Dresden, Leipzig and another smaller venue in East Germany. Poland can't host alone and Germany is the most likely to step in for Ukraine, though I am sure the Poles would prefer that to not happen.

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Ranking to be used for the Uefa Euro 2012 qualifying draw (Feb 2010):













Czech Republic













Republic of Ireland


Northern Ireland











F.Y.R. Macedonia
















Faroe Islands


San Marino

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UEFA announced yesterday that on December 14, the logo for EURO 2012 will be unveiled in Kiev, Ukraine.


Does that already mean that Ukraine will get UEFA's approval as EURO host, when the deadline is reached next Monday (November 30)?

I just read, by the way, that UEFA will make a decision about Ukraine on December 11, only three days before the logo launch.

See http://football.uk.reuters.com/world/news/GEE5AN1NG.php

Meanwhile, the following article states that UEFA will make decision already on December 9 or 10 during its meeting on the Portuguese island of Madeira.


This is quite a confusing situation.

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Official information from the German version UEFA's website: The meeting will take place on Thursday, December 10 and Friday, December 11 in Funchal on the island of Madeira.

After the meeting, there'll be a press conference on Friday, December 11, 12:15 pm local time (12:15 pm GMT, 1:15 pm CET) presenting the results also of the host country discussion.

Confirmation in English: http://www.uefa.com/multimediafiles/downlo...51_download.pdf

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