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Zhang Yimou ''impression'' Series


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Zhang Yimou, the renowed chinesse director, who will lead the making of the Opening & Closing ceremonies, have worked too with other outdoors spectacles, such as his series called ''Impressions''

This year, at the end of July, he realized the show ''Impressions Lijiang''. Divided into two parts, "Snow Mountain Impression" and "AncientCity Impression", the production, which has cost 31 million U.S. dollars to make, have been staged at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Dayan Ancient Town, two famous scenic spots in Lijiang, a scenic dity in southwestern China.

The production provided an insight into the lives of the region's ethnic groups through song and dance, Zhang's assistant Fan Yue told Xinhua. The actors, including 400 local folks in various costumes of 10 ethnic groups and 100 horses, performed in a theater at the foot of the mountain, which is shrouded in mist.

Here, some pics of the show:











In 2003, Zhang, Wang and Fan created the first installment of their out-door "Impression" series, "Impression Liu Sanjie," in the mountain and river scenery of Yangshuo, a world-renowned scenic resort in south China, which proved a hit at the box officeand won praises from the government.

On Dec. 21 this year, Zhang's high-profile opera "The First Emperor" will premiere at the New York Metropolitan Opera House. The opera will be composed by Oscar winner Tan Dun and feature tenor Placido Domingo.

This shows are a great oportunity to see the capacity of Yimou of directing this outdoors shows. As i can see, he will make undoubtly an excellent job for the Beijing olympic ceremonies.

A little vid of Impressions (not too much, sorry)

Official Site (Liu Sanjie)


Pics of ''Impression Liu Sanjie''









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Excellent post, rav3n!! Great photos!!


Based on your photos and this work of Yimou, I think I now know where the OC might lead to:

1. Instead of a lake (too Athens), probably there will have be a "river" (the might Yangtze) that will change course before one's very eyes...

2. And then from the ground will rise a replica of (a piece of) the 3 Gorges Dam, which will then transform into another replica of the Great Wall of China; and from which will disgorge thousands of dancers and performers.


3. Definitely hundreds of lanterns that will dance on the 'river' and then float away into the air...

Just channeling the minds of Yimou, Spielberg and Birch...

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Zhang Yimou is the king of Art Direction. Just watch the films Hero and House of Flying Daggers.

Yeah -- and we've discussed it before. What magic can be created on screen is really no indication of what one can do in a live stadium spectacle. You have the advantage of long set-ups; editing, camera trix and CGI in film. You don't have those for 'live stadium spectacle.' But nonetheless, from these other photos, he seems eminently qualified -- and with a NO EXPENSES SPARED budget, they will create undoubtedly the MOST magnificent Ceremonies ever! Which is why I am planning to go!!

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