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Chicago's Revised 2016 Plan


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haha Toronto.... comeon LA 84, when have the Canadians ever been a real threat? :D

Well, we do have a 1-0 record against Los Angeles...


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If anyones noticed, Chicago 2016 has just created their new website that premiered yesterday. You will need flash to watch the videos, but love this website. Very detailed


Aw....it seems like Chicago reaaaaally wants this games....the deserve them....theyre like putting so much effort :)... Loved the website!....

Go Chi!

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Today Chicago has reached the halfway point of the $25 million dollars needed for the Olympic Bidding Process. Andrew McKenna, McDonalds Corps Chairman, and Co-Chairman for Chicago 2016 Fundraising says all signs are good to reach or exceed the goal.

City halfway to raising Olympics money

By Kathy Bergen

Tribune staff reporter

Published October 26, 2006, 3:50 PM CDT

Chicago is halfway to raising the $25 million in private donations needed to finance its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, the two chief fundraisers said today.

"At this point, all signals are good. … I'd be very disappointed if we don't exceed our goal," said McDonald's Corp. Chairman Andrew McKenna, who co-chairs fundraising for the Chicago 2016 Committee along with Deborah DeHaas, vice chairman and regional managing partner for Deloitte & Touche USA LLP.

Although many of the contributions so far have come from major corporations and foundations, the committee plans to widen its appeal to the entire community with a fundraiser to be held after the start of the year, McKenna and DeHaas said.

The city has committed to raising $5 million in private funds for the domestic phase of the competition, in which Chicago is up against Los Angeles and San Francisco, with a decision expected in April.

All three cities must have an additional $20 million deposited in an escrow account by March, which the winning U.S. bidder would put toward an international campaign.

Other bidders worldwide could include Tokyo, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Moscow. A final decision on a host city is expected to be announced in October 2009.

If Chicago should lose out in the domestic round, the $20 million will be refunded to donors.

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Not that it's Olympic related but did you see the humiliating loss San Francisco suffered today against Chicago? 41-0 at halftime :o

Probably a prelude to what will happen in 2009 ;)

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