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Ferry slams into marina

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The ferry has a capacity of 1500 passengers and 250 vehicles, on this day there are nearly 600 passengers and 180 vehicles. This is a huge ferry at 350 feet long.

B.C. ferry misses dock, hits marina instead

CTV.ca News Staff

A B.C. ferry has ruined 15 to 20 boats after a botched docking attempt at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, witnesses say.

The vessel, the Queen of Oak Bay, missed the terminal berth late Thursday morning and started blowing its horn before it crashed into a marina.

TV images showed the massive vessel -- it is 138 metres long, weighs almost 7,000 tonnes and had 1,500 people on board -- nestled in amongst a number of pleasure craft, some of which were crushed underneath the ferry.

Authorities have reported no injuries.

"I can't imagine people would not have gotten out of the way," Straight said.

Asked about the mood when the accident first happened, "Ryan," another eyewitness, told CTV News Vancouver said, "pretty much shock," but added people have calmed down since then.

Divers are searching the water around the accident site to make sure there are no victims underneath.

Mark Landry, a passenger on the ferry, told CTV News Vancouver that ferry staff told him they were getting tugboats to the scene to move the ferry to where it can be docked.

"Once we ensure the structural integrity of the hull of the vessel, it can be moved by tugs to a terminal," Marshall said.


It happened at 10:10 am PST. All three of Canada's national stations are breaking coverage, and CNN is doing so as well.

There may be people dead as those 15-20 boats are residential boats and people live there at this time of year.....however, the ferry blew its warning sirens a few times before losing power and crashing into the marina.

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Was Sandra Bullock steering?

Haha! It didn't go a mile inland though like in the movie.

There is no one dead. What I don't understand is why the captain didn't drop the anchor. There is supposed to be someone at the anchors when they are going into docks or in active pass for the very reason if the lost power. But still good thing no one was hurt.

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No one was killed as the horn was off for two minutes and everything in the bay was rattling, it was like a mini-earthquake from what I've read. If there were people sleeping in the boats that didn't hear it, they must be deaf.

This almost never happens but they do happen. The average age of the fleet is 30 years. The last time something like this happened was when a boat rammed into a ferry two years ago. It was the boat's fault, not the ferry. They were killed.



The ferry just completed a $35 million refit. It started service again 14 days ago.


- Capacity: 1500 passengers & crew, 362 vehicles

- Service speed: 22 knots

- Weight: 7,000 tons

- Built: 1981, Victoria

- Horsepower: 11,840

The ferry fleet is the second largest in the world at 35 vessels. The company was recently turned in to the private sector after being a crown corporation for all of its life. BC Ferries has a $2 billion plan to replace and add vessels. It has ordered 22 ferries, the first three coming in 2007.

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