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New Olympic Sports?

Sir Rols

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Better yet - beach football/soccer B) That would be an exciting well-attended sport.

I can assure you that Beach Tennis is highly attended and much more thrilling than Tennis.

I used to attend some of those tournaments in Rimini last summers and I got in love with this sport. Definetely. I'm sure there would never be lack of public support for this sport.

They should start to consider a new disciplines group as the athletics and the swimming.. a sort of Sand Sports including Volley, Soccer, Tennis and may be Marathon withouth needing any important change which could compromise the good course of the beach venues.

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Does beach soccer/football have a women's component?

I would think any 2016 bdding city in its right mind, would propose/consider a "new" sport to add to its line-up that will be played by both M and W in order to maintain the gender balance momentum.

Well, that is one handicap - no, there isn't a women's component. And I don't foresee it happening soon.

I can assure you that Beach Tennis is highly attended and much more thrilling than Tennis.

I used to attend some of those tournaments in Rimini last summers and I got in love with this sport. Definetely. I'm sure there would never be lack of public support for this sport.

Perhaps, I confess I never saw such sport in action, so who knows? But I know that the fact that beach football is played in a smaller and tougher sand field raises a lot the number of shots-on-goal, game speed and outstanding plays.

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I think that for any new sport in forthcoming Olympics, NBC and the leading networks of the world would at least give their input and want to see one other water sport where more buff and skin are shown. It is after ALL, a SUMMER Olympics -- not just sweaty, huffing and puffing bodies. There's enough of that in Athletics, soccer and the Tour de France. Sleek bodies on display bring in the viewing numbers.

Maybe an Atheletic Swimsuit Fashion Show? Yeah, that's a good one!!

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Encouraging news for Rugby:

Rugby, racquetball to be played in 2011 Pan Ams in Guadalajara

The Associated Press

Published: July 11, 2007

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil: Rugby union and racquetball were added to the list of sports that will be played in the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Mario Vazquez Rana, president of the Pan American Sports Organization, made the announcement Wednesday in the organization's general assembly in Rio de Janeiro, where the 2007 games begin Friday.

Rana said no sports would be dropped at this time, increasing the number of events to 36 in 2011.

Rana also said baseball and softball were guaranteed for the games in Guadalajara, dismissing earlier reports that they would be dropped.

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge said the addition of rugby union to the Pan Ams opens the doors for the sport in a future Olympics.

"It's closer than ever," he said.

Rana said the possible addition of rugby as an Olympic sport "was not bad news for baseball ... which would have its chance."

Racquetball was played in the previous three editions of the Pan Ams before being dropped for Rio de Janeiro.

Meanwhile, three cities announced bids for the 2015 Pan Ams — Bogota, Colombia; Caracas, Venezuela; and Lima, Peru.

Canada said it would bid for the games, but did not name a city.

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According to this Los Angeles Times article, softball officials want to let the IOC know that there is a difference between it and baseball.

Link: Los Angeles Times: Olympic Softball Plays Hardball

A sport scheduled to end at the 2008 Games prepares an aggressive campaign that it hopes will return it to the Olympic calendar by 2016.

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According to the Malaysia Star, the president of the World Squash Federation is reported to wanting his sport to be in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Jahangir to push for Olympic inclusion

KARACHI: Pakistan squash legend Jahangir Khan said yesterday he would use the awarding of an honorary degree in London to push his sport's case for inclusion in the 2012 London Olympics.

Jahangir will get an honorary doctorate of philosophy from London Metropolitan University in December for his outstanding contribution to sport.

“It is a great honour for me and for my country and a great recognition of my services to the game,” said Jahangir.

“It is a great honour for the sport of squash as well, and I hope to push the case for squash's inclusion in the 2012 London Olympics when I go there to receive the degree,” he said.

Squash is one of five sports vying for recognition at the London Games.

Jahangir, 43, won a world record 10 British Open crowns (1982-1991) and six world titles during his illustrious career and ruled the world of squash alongside countryman Jansher Khan, who won six British and eight world crowns.

Jahangir, who retired in 1996, has been president of the World Squash Federation since 2002. – AFP

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Another racket sport? Isn't badminton, tennis and table tennis enough? <_<

Well, it is in the World Games, which could "graduate" to the Olympic Games in the future, like the way trampolining went recently. So, I don't know how popular it is because it is not well-known to me personally.

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Well, I didn't know about this, until I went into the World Games official website. Calgary is going to host the World Squash Coaching and Development Conference in a few days from now (September 6 - 9). I do not know, whether it will have the idea of asking the IOC to have it in the official Olympic program as part of its discussions.

Article from the World Games website:

Titled Learn From The Best To Be The Best, the four-day event follows previous conferences in Sweden, Netherlands, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia and Egypt - all of which were judged by delegates to be outstanding successes and a marvellous aid to the improvement of squash coaching and development techniques globally.

'The 2007 conference should be even better, with its strong program designed by Squash Canada in conjunction with the World Squash Federation (WSF),' said Linda MacPhail, CEO of Squash Canada.

'Furthermore, I am particularly delighted that Canadian Jonathon Power - the most successful North American player ever - has agreed to be the conference presenter.'

The Conference is intended for coaches from established and squash-developing countries interested either in working with players of an already elite standard and/or developing potentially elite players from junior into senior levels.

The event will provide the opportunity for delegates to be exposed to new and innovative ideas for coaching, as well as share ideas with colleagues from around the globe.

'Squash Canada is thrilled to be hosting world class coaches and delegates in Canada,' added MacPhail. 'We are especially honoured to have Jahangir Khan, WSF President, in attendance for the conference. The delegates will receive their certificate of participation at the conference from JK at the conference closing.'

Khan, the record ten-times British Open champion from Pakistan who is thought by many to be the greatest player of all-time, added his enthusiasm for the Calgary conference: 'The World Squash Coaching & Development Conference is a critical initiative within our plans to continuously develop the sport in every region. The 2007 edition provides a robust programme for elite coaches to further their set of skills as we strive to develop top talent in all corners of the world.

'In addition, I have asked Squash Canada to use the forum to discuss the benefits of coaching for new Squash players. This responds to our objective to continuously grow our sport's 'stick-rate' (ie, the percentage of people who remain active after trying it for the first time),' concluded Khan.

Among the wide-ranging conference sessions on offer are 'Early Learning of Squash Skills'; 'Creative Drills'; 'Deception'; 'Tactical Session'; 'Pressure Drills for Advanced Players'; and 'Development of a Program-based Vs Levels-based Coach Education System'; together with presentations on Sports Science and Sports Psychology and a variety of Sport Technology & Training Aids.

Speakers at the conference will include a host of world-renowned coaches, including Shaun Moxham (coach to David Palmer); Gene Turk (Jonathon Power); and Mike Johnston (Sarah Fitz-Gerald and Anthony Ricketts).

The registration deadline for the conference is August 30, but would-be delegates are urged to submit their applications as soon as possible to guarantee acceptance.

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My ideal programme:

Current sports

Aquatics (swimming, diving, water polo, open water)


Athletics (should add 1 hour run; each athlete has one hour to run as far as possible)



Boxing (include women's)

Canoe/Kayak (both flatwater and slalom)

Cycling (road, track, mountain)




Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline)







Softball (mens and womens)

Table Tennis


Triathlon (could add relay, Ironman triathlon and Quadrathlon (includes kayaking))




Dropped sports


Modern Pentathon

Synchronized swimming


Added sports

Bowling (consisting of two disciplines-tenpin and lawn bowling)

Rugby 7's

Roller sports (skateboarding, roller skating)

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Is there any different between rugby union and rugby 7s ?

Rugby union is 15 a side, Rugby league is 13 and Rugby 7 is 7. 7's is higher scoring, only requires about 15 top athletes and nations like Fiji and other smaller nations, its also more competitive than rugby union.

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Which could be a WOG sport. And those with the best designed sweaters (by a roaring fire) could also be an excuse for another medal! :lol:

... of course CHARADES should be split into a female, male and mixed event - then it would be three gold medals more!!!

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