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Paris 2020 Expo Bid

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We live in a world addicted to technology. We produce an endless array of products. We consume vast amounts of energy. We communicate instantly on a global scale. And we build economies around services that did not exist centuries ago. Our lives are faster, more efficient, more stable.

But has that made us more human?

In 2020, Paris proposes to celebrate and share humanity’s greatest gift – our creativity in the form of artistic ability. The artistic aesthetic has defined us as a species. It has inspired us, it has challenged us, it has unified us in wonder and awe. But in our rapidly changing world, what role will art have in our lives as we move into the future?

The 2020 Paris Exposition proposes to explore the state of the creative arts, inviting the nations of the world to celebrate their unique artistic achievements and present their artistic vision for the future.

What better place to celebrate the arts but in Paris! What better subject to celebrate in Paris but the arts!

Paris 2020 – The Endless Arts – Les Arts Sans Fin


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Parisian Expositions have provided some of the most famous architecture and art in the past including the Trocadero built for 1937 and the Eiffel Tower for 1889.


Picasso's Guernica from the Spanish Pavilion in 1937.


The Nazi German, Belgian, British and Soviet Pavilions at the Exposition. Nazi architect Albert Speer managed to see the secret Soviet plans for Boris Iofan's pavilion so he made the German pavilion tower over it as he knew they would be placed opposite each other - a precurser to the conflict that was soon to follow.




Dôme Central and Fontaine Monumentale, Champ-de-Mars 1889 - amazingly almost all these buildings were pulled down after the exposition was over.

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What is the RAF logo doing in that woman's brain? Was this symptomatique of the enduring Anglo-French love-hate relationship? :blink:

Also, how about Les Arts Sans Frontieres (to be sponsored by MSF)? :lol:

Before one of the Brits poijt it out.

The RAF and the French Air Force logos are the same, but with the colours switched around:




France Air Force

Maybe the woman has fly-boys on her mind?

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And another one bites the dust. I expect a lot more posts like this in the Olympic competition as well

Yeah, it'll inevitably happen.

I wonder if the timing is a factor _ I understand a lot of you northerners are starting to go back to school and work soon. Northern summer is winding up.

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