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Hong Kong 2020 Official Thread

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My theme is 'Connections In An Age Of Uncertainty'.

The goal of the Expo Bid is that in 2020 the nations of the world can meet on neutral ground and express the threads that bind the numerous communities over the globe together. Through cultural exchange - and through the various technologies available - the whole world will come together at the Expo site to form the one organism - the World Connection. Border and religious lines will be dissolved as a journey through the world becomes possible.

Through the concept of connecting - with the world, the environment and the natural surrounds - participating nations will share their stories and express their hopes for the future.

With the bid site located on Lantau Island - stretching from Penny's Bay to Discovery Bay - encompassing the Hong Kong Disneyland site that will integrate into the expo during its run as well as utilise the remaining infrastructure after the Expo. The landscape will not be altered - undulating hills will reveal a valley of wonders. With the Expo site surrounding Disneyland - which will be revitalised as 'Expo Lights - The Disney Experience' during the six month run - the transport and utility links are in place.

Upon completion much of the Expo site will be retained and used to extend Disneyland and regenerate the Discovery Bay area. Participants will be invited to donate their pavilions in the hope of forming a permanent global showcase.

Further details will be announced shortly.

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Heh heh - well its futuristic and it kind of symbolises (ohhh deep and meaningful time here!!) humanities growth as it goes forward... thus the flubber guy is getting bigger reaching forward while still holding onto the past.

Very Hong Kong!

ohh, i see, i thought it was because he (flubber) is trying to "connect" with the viewer by sort of "giving" his hand out

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