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2028 Or 2022?

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OK, so like totally after the SHAM of the 2022 competition and my inability to give a flying ****, howse about we decide what comp I get to **** up next?

Polite translation

Good day men and female type critters. After the disastrous abomination that was the 2022 competition, how about we decide on the next competition post haste and quibble over nibbles and a good glass of Bordeaux 1963? Oh no! The brie has turned!

American translation



I suggest either 2028 Summer Games, 2022 World Cup, 2026 Commonwealth Games, 2020 World Expo or a gay porn thread?

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2018 - Christchurch (?)

2020 - Melbourne

2022 - Santiago I think

2024 - Guatamala City

2028 -

2018 World Cup - England (though Russia if correct procedures were in place)

2018 Commonwealth Games - um, not Southern Africa lol. I can't recall. Um, crap. I dunno. Anyone?

Personally I'd rather do a world expo comp - but Olympics (sigh) it is. :rolleyes:

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I really haven't been an avid participant in these fantasy bids. I'm just curious which cities have won each fantasy Olympic bid since the competitions conception.

2018 _ Winter Games, Christchurch

_ Commonwealth Games, Hamilton

_ World Cup, England

2020 _ Summer Games, Melbourne

2022 _ Winter Games, Bucharest

2024 _ Summer Games, Guatemala City

2026 _ Winter Games, Santiago de Chile

2028 is the obvious one to shoot at next. Let's see if we can finally do a successful Summer Games one.

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Anyway, this 2020 Expo comp seems to be underway. Dual comps get confusing. Probably the best is fior peo-ple to start putting dibs on their 2028 bids while 2020 is underway, and when a few have been announced start looking at a time span. That's all that really needs to be done anyway, set a deadline for bid plans and a date for start of voting. The dates will inevitably stretch anyway when people start asking for extensions.

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