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Ceremonies On Youtube

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Here's an edited clip of most of Albertville's Opening. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyipsdgnbbY&NR=1[\media] What does it all mean (other than "Oh Look, I can design great costumes!

Regardless. The images are those paid for by NBC. But here's the thing: what are the IOC and NBC going to do with those clips? I mean they are meant to be enjoyed by anybody who gets a kick from th

/\ Thanks for posting that, olympics08. Indeed an interesting find. It's just like Moscow'80 redux...only "happier, more joyous! Oh, look at the happy, content citizens of the Soviet Union (the e

Haha :lol: i published that athens vids looks like someone post them before xD Anyway thanks for publish them.

Never sawed that Calgary & Sarajevo videos. Interesting to see if David Foster would compose scores for the Vancouver Games too (who knows, maybe they also bring a little homage to his 1988 theme)

yes that was the bbc comentary - the guy is called barry davies he is the father of giselle davies who is the IOC head spokeperson thingy!

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I am looking for the Sydney handover segment of the Atlanta Games-with the infamous Roos on Bikes...I was too young to remember it, so if anyone knows where I could find it, it would be most appreciated.

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I've sond some new ones from the Atlanta Games, i subscribed to the guy who postes them.

Rebirth of the Modern Games


Gladys Knight preformes "Georgia on My Mind"

The Star Spangeled Banner

Welcome to the World



ok, here the not Oscars like to "Weclome to the World"


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Has anybody gone to the Olympics website (olympic.org)? They have clips of the Opening Ceremnies from almost all of the Olympic Games. There pritty good, they all have the lighting of the cauldron,a dn the opening of the games. Others have other things, too.

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for some reason i love Atlanta's Welcome to the World segment. i remember watching the ceremony its one of my favorite moments of the 1996 ceremony. There's some air of lightness to it as well as fun.

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Some people consider the ''Welcome to the World'' segment as the best of that opening ceremony. I liked it, but for me ''Sumertime'' was the best, & the tribute to Martin Luther King (his famous speech ''I have a Dream'' sounds, and images of his dream of unity appears at the screens) probably the most emotive part.

Now i'm looking for segments of Los Angeles opening & closing ceremonies, that i have hearded they were very Hollywoodistic (with UFO's, references to Star Wars & even Michael Jackson singing Thriller at the opening :blink: ). If someone have them, try to upload them to Youtube.

Edit PD: Sorry, MJ singed Beat It, not Thriller, a little mistake xDD

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Beat It was played in one of the ceremonies, but it was more of a big band (and possibly choir) version if it - not MJ himself.

I think it was part of the Music of America segment which at times was quite spectacular.

It also included a number of camp men in short shorts singing a chorus line.

The spaceship was quite a cool bit of the closing ceremony. The spaceship did a *spacey* sounding rendition of Olympic Fanfare and Theme, which was repeated down in the stadium. Like a call and repeat. Then an Alien appeared in the middle of the peristyle and babbled something or rather .

The closing is probably also best remembered for Lionel Ritchie's performance of All Nite Long, complete with an impressive stage construction with fountains and everything.

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Unfortunately I feel asleep after Portugal's Carlos Lopes won the men's marathon before I had a chance to see the LA 84 Closing Ceremony the first time around on ABC. (all the more reason to have each Olympics on multi-(next-gen)DVD sets even more as collector's editions--more on that in the future). As some of you know, one of those breakdancers at the CC was future Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. That was his first big entertainment-wise exposure.

Want some more Sydney 2000 Olympics Ceremonies stuff you'd say? Found this:

Midnight Oil--Beds Are Burning (Live at Sydney 2000 Closing Ceremony):


Taken from Denmark's TV2 (note the logo bug in the upper left hand corner), which broadcasted the Closing Ceremony in Sydney.


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Just found this too from Sydney 2000. An all too-brief (51 seconds) of the mass dancing with those giant Kewpie dolls created by Ian James Colmer with "Love is in the Air" playing recorded by someone at home telecasted from "Australia's Olympic Network", Channel 7.

Kewpie Dolls, Mass Dancing, and "Love Is In The Air":


(where in the hell's that Sydney 2000 Closing Ceremony DVD, Warner Vision Australia?!)

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There are a lot of thing of the Sydney CC on Youtube. Too bad there's not too much of the opening, like Tin Symphony.

Some videos i published on my account from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games

The Flying Tram (Beggining of the OC)


Advance Australia Fair (Anthem)


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