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Olympic Parks Of The World


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Athens 2004


Atlanta 1996


Barcelona 1992


Berlin 1936


Helsinki 1952


Los Angeles 1932 & 1984


Melbourne 1956



Mexico City 1968


Montreal 1976


Moscow 1980


Munich 1972


Rome 1960


Seoul 1988


Sydney 2000


Tokyo 1964

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Ah, in my books the best are Athens, Montreal, Munich and Barcelona. Compact with stunning architecture and great landscaping that stand out from all the others. Sydney has a lot of that too, but it just lacks some of the flow that the others have. The Moscow and Berlin stadiums have interesting landscaping, but they are pretty much on their own (save for a pool or sports hall).

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I totally agree - the Olympiapark in Munich is very unique - the olympic stadium, the olympic arena and the Olympic pool are wonderful placed in a great landscape...


my faves are 1)munich (been there and was blown away with its beauty) 2) athens (was there for the olympics - simply stunning) 3)barcelona (was there for the olympics and it is such a beautiful setting overlooking the city) 4) montreal (would love to go there - this was my 1st olympic memory)! wonder if london will live up to any of the above - i think it will be a little like munich in it's approach!

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The panorama of the Barcelona Park is very cool, situated on the Montjuic Hill, that it had played an important part on the catalonian history . The Palau of Sant Jordi, simply one of the best venues of the 1992 games.

Also is the only Olympic park i had the honour to visit, 4 years ago =P


Munich is so surrealistic and beautiful, too bad the old Munich stadium wasn't used for the WC. The Athens one is very good, i love most the Agora, the Olympic Stadium and the Velodrome (Calatrava's one of my fav architects)


In 2008 the Beijing Park will become one of my favourites because of the new and amazing style used for the venues construction (Herzog & de Meuron, the same architects that built the Allianz Arena (WC 2006) and the paveillon of the Forum Barcelona 2004).

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Montreal is still my favorite followed by Munich. Stunning architecture for the time that has held up well over the years.

Third favorite is probably Helsinki. The Olympic Stadium with it's flying staircase and the grounds surrounding it are often underestimated when conpared to todays monstrosities that are being built.

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Absolutely regardless of any patriotism: My favourite is Munich's Olympic Park since it has the most amazing landscape and architecture of all Olympic Parks. Additionally, it's still a very popular recreational area among the citizens of Munich and thus absolutely no white elephant. Finally, its design is simply timeless -- I guess that even in 50 years visitors will be stunned by its graceful and airy roofs.

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I don't know if I'd call Munich's park timeless, but I think it will always have an air of modernity, fluidity and lightness, just as Montreal's will always have an air of "spacey futureness" and giganticism. I think Barcelona's will be more timeless because it gracefully combines a number of styles from the neo-classic to the abstract to the modern.

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My favorite is Munich (the landscape look great!), folowed by Montreal and Sydeny.

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1. Munich without a doubt. The continuity of architectural style, and the integration of the landscaping into the surrounding area were so brilliantly designed that the park still looks new today. And almost as important: the whole area retains a great relevance to the city a third of a century on.

2. Barcelona. Expansive by concept, yet compact by necessity, owing to its site on a hill. Any Olympic Park designer wants to create something which will add to the memories during Games time, and I don't think anyone will ever forget the awesome sight of divers on the 10 metre board, seemingly hundreds of feet in the air (thanks to the canny camerawork). Truly spectacular.

3. Athens. A splendid use of space in what is essentially suburbia. Although some of the venues are severely underused now, this is not down to the park's design, which pleases aesthetically, especially due to its huge central parade.

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can someone please tell Calatrava that his "corso" with those arcs is boring everyone?! there's plenty of cities with one of them...can't he suggest something new?!?

same thoughts.

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Calatrava designs what his clients want and his clients want a Calatrava design. Calatrava's "white bones" (as I call them) are much like Mies van der Rohe's black boxes and Ghery's tinfoil wrappings - the architect is hired based on his previous successes.

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