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Serie A Scandal Comes To An End

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First I've heard of that. With Berby, Defoe and Keane up front I don't think we'll have a problem with goals this season.

BTW, before you laugh at us, take a look at what's happening at your own club. A selection of quotes from Arsenal message board "The Herd" after the first game at the Emirates Stadium.....

"What really ****ed me off was the anouncement to get your little flags out now and wave them ocrastrated football support, mexican wave without a mexican in sight. Half time after having to get serious with a steward about me roll up, i decided to leave the grove went up the Woodbine about 4 of us in there and it was ****ing miles better."

"To the Arsenal board you have finally worked out a way to get rid of me"

"I walked into the ground ready to salute the best player ever to wear red and white. and walked out feeling i had been raped by dein & co. you can dress it up however you like it's a concrete bowl full of tarquins and not an ounce of the class of highbury"

"its not just about atmosphere! its about the people that go now, the people that dont give a **** about arsenal, dont give a **** about football, dont understand the game and the passion that goes with it. They just jump on the arsenal band waggon becuase they can afford to, and tell their numpty mates they have a season ticket at The Arsenal. real fans have been priced out, and im only 19, but to me, it feels like Arsenal as a club, is slowly dying!"

"of course i love arsenal, but to me, its gone past the stage of loving the club, becuase the club dont care about us!"

"its not a club anymore, its a corporation."

"Follow is the right word. There was a time when you went football and you didn't feel ripped off. Now it just feels that everytime you follow Arsenal no matter how good the football you feel ripped off. Where the pleasure in that?"

"Going Arsenal is like walking through a gang of muggers with a 50 pound note hanging out of your pocket, at least they only take what you have in your pocket the Arsenal board take your heart as well"

"The ground looks great from the outside and i'm sure every away fan that come here will be in awe and feel quite jealous. But to me it's just not Arsenal. There's just not that proper 'football' feel that Highbury had at all, it's just another concrate construction in order to take money from us. When I was walking along the bridge I thought it looked more like a shopping complex than a football ground! Once in there I was just as ****** off to see that you can get "meal deals," it seemed more like disney world than going down the Arsenal! And worse than that I felt like I was in a neutral ground like Cardiff at kick off, just didn't seem right at all. To top all that off I had some posh **** in fornt of me singing, "davids is a plonker," and frowning everytime somebody swore or shouted. All in all I don't hold high hopes for the grove and now more than ever I realise what Highbury really meant and stood for"

"walked past highbury today felt gutted, thank **** for the second half today otherwise would have been a really **** atmosphere. think everyone who really has arsenal in their heart felt lost today."

"Arsenal will never be the same now, I fear it's all down hill from here for the average supporter"



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You're not going to please everyone, but at the same time, Arsenal needed a new ground. You're not going to consistently compete with the likes of Manchester United unless you're getting 50,000+ through the gates every week, or you've got a Roman Abramovich figure bankrolling you.

Is it any wonder Spurs are looking at their ground options so closely, for example?

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I know, I'm only winding him up.

Our Chairman, Daniel Levy has stated a few times that he'd prefer Spurs to stay at WHL, but that would only be possible if the transport links are improved in the area. I've also heard suggestions that he turned down the option of extending WHL to a 45,000 seater because he believes the club should be looking at expanding/building to 55,000. It would be pointless to expand to 45,000 and then decide to move to a new ground a few seasons down the line.

At the moment I very much doubt the club have the kind of money needed to build a new stadium, and with no sign of transport improvements it's unlikley we'll expand in the near future either. Levy is rightly concentrating on getting the team right first; a few seasons in the Champions League may give us the financial backing we need to sort the stadium situation out.

The problem (and this is a nice problem) is that the ground is always full, even though we haven't won anything of significance for over a decade. Imagaine the demand for tickets if we are successful once again. With the biggest fanbase in the country after Man Utd, Liverpool, and Arse***, Spurs could easily fill a 55,000 seat stadium every week - the problem is, where is it going to be?

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At the moment I very much doubt the club have the kind of money needed to build a new stadium

Having said that, we're now up to £18.6m richer than we were yesterday!


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True. I think £10-12 million would have been a fair price. At £18 million, Spurs have done themselves a cracking deal, especially with the other English players they have in that area.

Fancy another League Cup meeting this season? Or shall we save the shock for the FA Cup instead?

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Ouch, that hurt! Mind you, I said at the beginning of last season Spurs would be the first side to win the FA Cup at the new Wembley and I'm sticking by that prediction. :P (no jokes about Wembley finally being completed in 2050 please!)

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Year of the one and all that. Just remember that every time Spurs won anything with the year ending in one, the year also BEGAN with a one, so you shouldn't win anything again until 10,001.

Whether Wembley will be finished by then is not clear.

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What a bloody con!! Did they get into the Champions League via handing out more rolex watches?

The idea is to stamp out corruption, not succumb to it. They should do like they did when Rio Ferdinand got a 4 month ban, and ended up with an 8 month ban for appealling. They give the impression that if you appeal you automatically get a reduction in the penalty.

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One could not say, but you can't help wondering. The threat of legal action is irrelevant. UEFA should have done all in its power to protect the integrity of its competitions, not roll over and play dead at the first available opportunity.

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Or does it come to an end?

Juventus and two other clubs implicated in Italy's match-fixing scandal had their penalties reduced by an arbitration tribunal on Friday.

Juventus - who were relegated to Serie B for their main role in the scandal - had their penalty cut from -17 points to -9.

Lazio's punishment was reduced from -11 to -3 and Fiorentina's from -19 to -15.

The eight point penalty inflicted upon Milan, meanwhile, was left alone.

The club released a simple statement to reflect their feelings about the outcome: "The decision taken does not deserve any comment from Milan."

Reggina, the fifth top flight team embroiled in the scandal, were docked 15 points and their appeal will be heard next month.

The decision moves Juventus up to 12th place in Serie B with ten points, just three points away from a promotion playoff position.

Juve released a statement saying the decision "recognises, at least in part, the enormous effort and the spirit of sacrifice demonstrated by the club in order to renew our internal structure and promote the values of sport to the benefit of all Italian football."

The adjusted Serie A table sees Lazio join Milan on seven points while Fiorentina are now technically on zero points.

Eurosport: Juve penalty reduced by tribunal


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What a joke!!! I fear at the end of this farce there wont be any penalties for the clubs. A very Italian way to deal with the matter.

Suspend the Italian federation (officials, clubs and the nationals teams) for four years from any international competitions.

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