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Man, I honestly don't know what the hell's worse:

Zizou's inexplicably dumb headbutt on Matterazzi, prompting him a red card and sadly effectively ending his playing career in the world's biggest soccer stage where he succeeded with greatness earlier,

Or that dirty, rotten, corrupt, cheating, play-acting, and scandalous Italian Azzurri scum undeservedly and shamefully winning it all in a very false manner that must soon be revoked from them. A victory the Italian disaspora should not celebrate over. They should not have made it this far! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

A very horrendous and sickening exclaimation point to a disappointing World Cup experience for me. Glad I didn't watch the final--was at work.

Ok, you need to calm down there. Italy undeservedly and shamefully won?? Your fuckin delusional. Any team that wins a world cup deserves it for making right into the finals. Defence wins championships buddy. France couldn't crack it, too bad for them. Out of all the matches, Zidane was stupid enough to headbutt Materazzi in the World Cup Final. Get over yourself and your hate against Italians.

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