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Winter Games Roads


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Roads are very important for an Olympic Games as they have to handle the Olympic traffic that exceeds the normal traffic of the region.

Roads are even more important for the Winter Olympics because of the geographical dispersion of the venues.

So, here's my question:

What roads served previous Winter Games or will serve Vancouver 2010?

For example:

How many lanes has the road from Torino to Bardonecchia/Cesana/Pinerolo/...?

How was it for Salt Lake/Nagano/...?

What are the plans for Vancouver 2010?

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Georghost, you can assume that roads used in Winter Games have ranged from 8-10 lane highways to probably one-lane country roads. The important thing is that there are snowploughs and snow-clearing bulldozers out there at the start of the day; AND that are alternate routes from strategic roads that may possibly be blocked up.

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