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Who Do You Think Will Win 2014?


Who will win 2014?  

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  1. 1. Candidate Cities:

    • Salzberg, Austria
    • PyeongChang, South Korea
    • Socchi Russia

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one has to admit that the construction task has been pointed out as a "challenge", that can be indeed turned into an opportunity but that is nevertheless a weak poit for Sochi compared to Salzburg and, to a lesser extent, to PyeongChang.

I do admit. However the opportunity is bigger than the challenge here: 21 century venues and a new winter sports region for the world.

For reference here is the 'challenge' the IOC EC found in PyeongChang:

'In order to have successful Olympics, it is quite important that host countries have world-standard performance levels. So in your country, some sports are a bit weak in that sense', referring to the fact that S.Korea never got a single winter Olympic medal besides speedskating.

Overcoming this challenge may take longer than constructing venues...

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True, but constructing venues may be more crucial than being the best at every sport. Here's Sochi's "challenge" taken from http://www.gamesbids.com/cgi-bin/news/view...p;id=1172251718

Chiharu Igaya, head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission, told a news conference Friday in Sochi that Russia faces a challenge to be ready on time to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

The IOC officials have just completed a weeklong inspection of Sochi’s 2014 bid.

He said, “there are so many venues and facilities to be built in the future. You’ve got only seven years to go. To coordinate all of these works may be a challenge”.

The Associated Press reports that none of the proposed ice sports facilities and athlete accommodations are built, or the improved highways and light-rail system proposed to connect the mountain snow sports venues with the ice sports and main Olympic Village along the seacoast about 50 km away.

In the mountains a few ski slopes and lifts are in operation but many more would have to be built along with accommodations.

Call me crazy but I'd be much more comfortable with PyeongChang's challenge than Sochi's challenge.

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Even if you had 12 billion dollars in your pocket to deal with it ? :)

Money won't buy time in these races. The footprints of the major venue have to be at least there during the Evaluation visits. But if Sochi starts now, they can be plenty ready for 2011 when the inspection visits for 2018 would take place! :D

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The footprints of the major venue have to be at least there during the Evaluation visits.

You mean designs? They are all done and have been presented to the IOCEC.

On the ground there were fencing already up around all the sites, some initial ground-digging has started too.

On the existing ski venue a national-level competition 'coincided' with the IOCEC visit. :)

What more would you ask for 7 years before the Games? :blink:

For your reference, it took Russia only two years to build the brand-new ice hockey arena for the world champs this month. B)

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You mean designs?

No. I mean like the foundations. ANd even so, remember that Sochi is NEW at this. Remember, in the IOC members' DNA memory bank, there is already the foothold of PyongChang from 4 years ago; and then it recurs again. This is the first time Sochi is serioulsy showing up on the radar. That gives PC the edge.

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You haven't heard that term?

OK, I'll explain this unintended joke for you, if you do not get it.

Understanding the word 'bank' in your phrase in its main meaning would assume a financial relations between PC and the IOC members.

Which of course is just a joke. :)

Moscow's case is totally different.

Nope. In terms of talking to the Olympic family it's more a country than a city associations, IMHO.

If one can't admit to the weaknesses of one's own bid, then that bid can never learn and improve.

May be, but this does not refer to me as I have always admitted that weakness or rather 'challenge'. I have also argued that the the opportunity of constructing XXI century venues for a new region of the world is greater than the actual challenge of construction. B)

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"Maybe, but this does not refer to me as I have always 'admitted' that weakness or rather 'challenge'."

What are you talking about?? You were always trying to deny it as a weakness by playing semantics before, & calling it a "challenge", because you were quoting the IOC's E.C. team leader. It took Jeremie to finally point it out to you that it's the word of choice that the IOC uses to politely say "weaknesses".

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I think in the end, the spectre of Athens (2 major venues' plans had to be reduced in order to finish on time; major rush in the last 18 months running up to the Games) will ensure Sochi doesn't win. They <I>might</I> finish ahead of Salzburg...hard to make that call.

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Information about the Guatemala 2007 (the 119th IOC Session) that will determine the 2014 Winter Olympics host city.

Link: IOC: 119th IOC Session In Guatemala City - Information For The Media


The decision will be announced in the early morning in the three candidate cities!

Guatemala 17:00

Salzburg 01:00

Sochi 02:00

Pyeongchang 08:00

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It will be interesting on what national flag will be flying at the Vancouver 2010 closing ceremony, once this decision is known. While Korea seems to be on the rise lately on the international sporting front, will it be a detriment for their other 2014 aspirations and the other 2 competitors' advantage?

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Less than 2 months now, before the 2014 Winter Olympics host city decision. Man, talk about time going fast for some of us here. ;)

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Even after today's news?

IOC sanctions Austrian Olympic Committee

The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today unanimouslydecided to suspend the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Austria from receiving or applying for any grants or subsidies, whether direct or indirect, from the IOC in the amount of USD 1,000,000.

The EB also ordered the NOC of Austria to demonstrate, no later than 30 June 2008, the results of its investigation into this matter and the internal organisational changes that have been implemented.

The EB based its decision upon the recommendations of the Disciplinary Commission (DC) set up by the IOC in February 2006 and composed of Thomas Bach (Chairman), Denis Oswald and Sergey Bubka. These recommendations were made following the second round of hearings held by the Commission on 1 and 2 May. The EB did not meet, but decided via a postal vote.

Last month, the first series of recommendations made by the DC led the EB to declare permanently ineligible for all future Olympic Games six athletes from the Austrian biathlon and cross-country skiing teams who competed at the Turin Games.

The DC will continue its inquiries, in conjunction with the Italian authorities, in order to determine the full parameters of what has been confirmed as collusion, as well as the level of involvement of other persons.

This is not the first time that the IOC EB has imposed a financial penalty on an NOC in conjunction with the violation of anti-doping rules. During the Games in Salt Lake City in 2002, a financial sanction was imposed on the NOC of Belarus for allowing an athlete to leave the Olympic Village after she had been summoned to an unannounced out-of-competition doping control.

The IOC will invest the USD 1,000,000 in actions related to the fight against doping.

The full details are as follows:

IOC Disciplinary Commission Recommendations regarding the NOC of Austria

IOC Executive Board Decision regarding the NOC of Austria

Summary of the IOC Disciplinary Commission Recommendations regarding Austrian Olympic Committee


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Russia is no saint either when it comes to doping. The pot calling the kettle black.

My point exactly. No one country is a saint. If someone is really hoping that this is the nail in the coffin for Salzburg, you may be disturbed then upon the announcement of the 2014 winner.

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Salzburg is now dead in the water. Not only the fines, but because it's ski federation is allowing WADA-banned athletes to represent Austria. That's too much of a "**** you" for IOC members to bear.

Pyeonchang on the first ballot now is my prediction. Sochi 2018, if they get some experience hosting international events onsite and continue building facilities.

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